Remotec ZTS-110

HE will not update the status for this device when anything is changed locally on the thermostat. Using the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver. Anyone ever come up with a custom driver for it?

It looks like there may be a solution for SmartThings, but honestly it's a bit over my head and I have no idea how to translate the suggestions into steps that work for HE. Can anyone help?

If you use Thermostat scheduler there is an option to refresh, I have mine set on 5 mins.
Seems to update ok...

Thanks. We don't use a schedule on the thermostat because we don't have set work schedules and are coming and going a different times, so it would be difficult to account for this. We pretty much just keep it on the same temperature all the time. But I installed the app and enabled the refresh, so we'll see if that works.

You can also do a periodic refresh using rule machine.

Cool! Playing around with that now. I've created a virtual button that I can use to refresh the thermostat on demand. Question: In this context, what is the difference between refresh and poll?

"Hubi-Poll" also works...

I have no idea what that is and it does not show up in the list of built in apps. Can you please be more specific?

You can add it in as 3rd party App...

Hi @kosmicken,

I just saw your post and have a solution for you. These thermostats have a strange setting that needs to be "activated" before it will start reporting to the Hub correctly. If you install my modified driver here: then click the "Configure" button it will configure the correct reporting. Then just switch back to the Generic Z-Wave thermostat driver and you should get nearly instant updates from the thermostat from now on.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

P.S. keep the driver around because you'll have to do this again if you every exclude/include the thermostats again.

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Thank you sir