Remote sensor with Zen thermostat in Hubitat

Can anyone give an idea how is best to do this? I like using the living room sensor in the day and my bedroom at night. In ST I used Nestmanager but have installed a Zen since it is Local and had a driver built in.

How about using a rule to look at the temperature the Zen is reporting and that the remote sensor is reporting, with whatever logic you want, and have the rule force the Zen into whatever operating state you want?

Can rule machine operate within a set of temps?

Temp Sensor hits 72
tells thermostat to set cooling set point to 60
Temp sensor hits 70
tells thermostat to set cooling to 75

Yes, you can certainly create conditions such as temp <= 72, etc.

I have a situation in my garage (in AZ where the garage can get really hot), where there are two ceiling exhaust fans. I want them to turn on if the indoor temp is >76 and less than the outside temp (otherwise they would be blowing out cooler air and sucking in hotter through the gaps), and then to turn off if the inside temp drops to 76 or less, or if the outside temp is greater than the inside temp. That’s two rules.

Haha, you can gauge how freaking hot it is by what time it first turns on. If it doesn’t come on until about 3 am, you know it’s really hot. It always does come on in the summer, because the outside cools off faster than inside the garage, and eventually overcomes the delta from during the day. This time of year, it doesn’t come on at all.

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got it multiple rules one for on one for off AC and another set for heating

Notice that I had multiple conditions, hence a rule with logic. Often you can use a trigger if you don’t need the complex logic. Notice also that there was no Actions for False. So if you had something like temp >75 turn on… that’s a trigger,.

got it working with a series or rules. But it would not function until i added a custom command for Configure in RM and applied it to each rule. the Rule was sending the info to the Thermostat in the hubitat console but it was not setting the change in the thermostat until configure was ran.


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