Remote motion sensor for security lighting

I have a residential customer who wants to have two motion-triggered lights, but it would be beneficial to have the sensors closer to the area to be covered than the lights.

Unless there is a sensor with reliable coverage out to 100 feet or so. Either WI-FI or a stand-alone RF link would work, and either sensor triggering both lights would be a bonus.

A couple of things:

  1. From what I've read, LEDs don't play well with motion sensors, which still seem to be designed for incandescent lighting, unless the sensor has relay switching. Do any of you have information about this?

  2. The lights are LED security lights that come with a twist-lock photocell on top. Is there any reason to bypass the photocell if controlled by a motion sensor? Isn't there a "dummy" bypass plug available?

Any other advice is welcome.

I have never had any problems with motion sensors and LED's. My entire house is all LED's and ever brand I have works just fine.

If it's a standard housing you could replace the photocell with this. They work great.


Thanks you for your response

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Hope it was useful!

Yes, thanks you

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There have been reports of Infra-Red LED's ( like a camera might have) triggering motion sensors

Konnected is one solution with an outdoor 12v PIR hardwired to it. No battery changes etc required

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