Remote Management of your Hubitat with Amplifi Teleport


I have discovered last night that you can fully manage your Hubitat via Internet, if you own an Amplifi HD router. All you need to do is use the free app Teleport that allow you to VPN to your router. As soon as you activate Teleport on your Smartphone from anywhere in the world, it's like if that phone is now part of your local home network.

All you have to do next is to go to your Hubitat app settings, Select Hub, choose the one connected to a Amplifi HD router, then click on the Tools icon at the bottom of your screen and select Hub WebUI to fully manage your Hubitat.

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I just updated to, and i can VPN in to my home network and access my hub w/o issue. I think you might be pointing the finger in the wrong place.

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I have been using a few different VPN servers (OpenVPN on an ASUS router, L2TP on a Unifi USG, and Wireguard on an Ubuntu server) for years, both before and after the Remote Admin subscription service was released.

Nothing in my setup broke as a result of the Remote Admin service’s existence.

I would also suggest looking into your VPN setup for the root of the problem.

thanks for all the replies.... I wonder why it was working fine 10 months ago then, for no reasons, the VPN stopped working lately....

Wish I could help, I don’t have any experience with Ubiquiti’s Amplifi line of routers. Someone else around here might though.

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