Remote Light Control - Button

Hey folks . I've been searching around and can't quite find what I'm looking for. Essentially a single button (or device where multiple buttons all do the same thing but less appealing) ... Z-Wave preferred. I have a Z-wave light switch in my garage but on the other side of the garage where there is a doorway I'm looking for a remote to toggle the light switch essentially. The programming of this I'm thinking is pretty straight forward but finding something simple is what's confusing me. It looks like Aeotec made a single button version but all their stuff is now "quad" etc that I can find ... this will be mounted where there used to be a wall switch and now there's a blank cover - prefer something I can just tape onto the blank and move along :). Thanks!

its zigbee, but the smartthings button works great.

Thanks .. I may have to go that way ... my only Zigbee devices though are a fair distance away from where this button needs to go. Of course I could add some more Zigbee devices somewhere to fix that problem lol

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Don't let anyone else know, but my house is a mixture of zigbee and zwave light switches...

hehe .. I do have some Hue stuff but maybe I need more now :wink:

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