Remote Backup File Download

I have Remote Admin to support a friends system. But apparently you can't download a local backup via Remote Admin????

Do you have an "always-on" device like a raspberry pi or windows pc / server? There are some relatively simply scripts that can be used for this. I have a nightly backup of my HE databases being performed as a cron job on my rpi each night. Let me know if this suits and I can share my script and provide a link to the Community topic.

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Unfortunately no. This is at a friends house about 2 hours away. I maintain his system. I put remote admin on it so I can do that from my house. Was a little surprised that I couldn't download a backup. I assumed, wrongly, that with remote admin it would be the same as if I was there.

Yeah, that's one of the few limitations of remote access right now. There's a (fairly obscure) technical reason for it, and a workaround is on the to do list.


Any idea when this might be coming?

Following up to see if this is getting available anytime soon. Thanks.

It'll be available in 2.2.9 update.


Apparently it didn't make it into 2.2.9???

Try it now... I had to deploy/enable a version of remote admin to enable it, too. And that can only happen during quiet times (like Saturday morning).

Works now. Thanks.