Remote admin

Is this included in hub protect service?

No, it is a separate service. But you get to try it one month for free!

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For $3 v $30 they could have thrown it in

I'm glad it is separate, as I don't want it. Don't even want it for free. I'll stick to my VPN, thank you.

But a lot of others will want it, so I think it is really cool that they are offering it to them!


Or they could have thrown it in, and raised the price to $33 (EDIT: That was wrong, remote admin is $3/mo - not year - so the math didn't work as written) for everyone...

Is what it is. Consumers will vote with their wallets.

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I feel exactly the same way.


Isn't it $3 per month for remote admin and $30 per year for the hub protect?

Yeah - me too. I don't have VPN, but have an always on Mac that I use with Teamviewer...

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Yea good spot. I do wish the would have offered discount for both, my work vpn is a pain and everything I've tried it blocks. Was hoping this would be solution but $3 a month is a bit steep on top of the subscription

Oops. You're right. Missed that since I wasn't signing up for it.


i just hope that it doesn't open an unintentional backdoor and i'm not aware...then again it seems like the same model UniFi has and that's pretty secure

I agree, I'm glad they're separate. My VPN works just fine.

I'm using a VPN into my always-on Mac too. Seems to work well. But is there any advantage, security or otherwise, to the new remote admin feature over a VPN like that?

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I also have a VPN server at home and don’t need the remote admin service.

I paid for the protection service because I wanted that.

I’m glad I had the option to pay only for what I wanted.


This has been on my never-ending list for some time. Is there an idiots guide for being able to set up aspects of the hub (apps, create devices... Etc) remotely aa if I was on my home network? I see vpn mentioned, but there's a mine of info.

Is it relatively simple? TiA

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I'm sure they could but... they decide not to.
I just realy, realy hope it doesn't backfire. And I say that because I wish to see companies like Hubitat growing exponectially because we can also benefit from their growth.

On the other hand... A good strategy is everything.
When people hear a "monthly subscription" is being charged from things they consider essential or "they believe" they are entitled have a tendency to have a negative impact.

Just think of a person who is a potential HE elevation customer.
He doesn't now much about the platform so he googles it, first things that comes up: "$3 monthly for remote access"... what are the odds he will say "Nope" before continuing to read about it?

Notice I intentionally said "remote access" and not "remote admin" because it may "sound" like that to someone who doesn't know better and is just browsing for high level info.

Anyway, it looks to me Hubitat is trying to profit from the cloud services but the costs are extremelly low in this case. How many times a month are you going to perform administrative tasks in your HE hub when you are not home?

Because costs are very low, they could offer it for free, offset the cost with the extended warranty and cloud backup and... boom. You have the opposite effect: those that didn't buy yet because they don't want to setup a VPN just for emergency access... now they don't have to.

YOu would be not only open the door for more sales but also projecting company growth.

As @dadarkgtprince mentioned Ubiquiti (Unifi) offers it for free. It increases sales and the that is what pays for everything.

Nowadays everyone wants to make money on subscriptions but the hard truth is that it isn't for everyone.

I see many different ways Hubitat could approach it, all of them leading to a broader market and more sales but none of them by charging people to access their own hub.

But... what do I know :sunglasses:
Anyway, I'm going to subscribe to the HubProtect service and to you Hubitat staff... don't get me wrong. I'm just thinking out loud here and I do appreciate your hard work and amazing product.


Ditto here. Anyone conjure up any advantage to remote admin over VPN?

There are some users from whom it is technically challenging to setup a VPN. For them, a decision to subscribe to Remote Admin may be a matter of necessity.

But, there are others who don't want the hassle of setting up (and maintaining) a VPN and DDNS as a matter of choice. In fact, one of the most prolific developers here (@bptworld) indicated that he was looking forward to using Remote Admin. And at least in his instance, you know for certain that he has the skills necessary to setup a VPN in abundance. So, for someone like that, Remote Admin provides value in term of time and convenience.

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Since the migration service doesn't work fully (z-wave) for non us customers who have external radios even on c5 I'm currently thinking not to bother but if the remote admin was included even with only 1/2 the protection service working I probably would have gone for it.
I just don't need remote admin on a daily basis

100% true. I have an enterprise setup at home (Ubiquiti/Unifi based), I know how to do it but besides the setup, it becomes one more thing for me to keep an eye on.

On the other hand, I can see things going south and driving my wife crazy when I'm overseas so... I might signup for remote admin it before my next trip just to be safe.

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To be clear, it isn't advertised as a migration service. It is:

  1. A service that provides a cloud backup (including z-wave radio) for all C-7 hubs, and North American C-5 hubs.
  2. The capacity to restore that cloud backup on the same hub or a different hub.
  3. An extended warranty on a hub. And in the last instance, I believe that a replacement hub will be shipped with the backup restored on to it.

It's current popularity as a "migration service" merely reflects the number of C-5 users who have their own reasons to start using a C-7.