Remote admin via mobile app and VPN

I've searched forums but didn't find answer for my problem.
So on the mobile app there is an option to connect to hub. It just shows the Hubitat admin pages.
From the beginning when this option showed up I was able to use it locally or over my VPN.
Now when I try to connect via VPN it redirects to buy Remote admin subscription. Why?!

But still I can use VPN and manually in web browser write my Hubitat IP and use it without any problems.

It's a bug or you just blocked that scenario?

Thanks for your feedback. The intent is for you to be able to use VPN. We are looking into it.


I’m using VPN on the cell network, and can administer my hubs just fine. I don’t have a Remote Admin subscription.

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Works for me. iOS.

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I should mention that I'm using the android version and as you can see it redirects to remote admin

Did you start the app before or after you had a good VPN connection?

I've tried both methods.

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If you select "Find Hubs" then click on the hub, are you able to use VPN then?

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Yes, then it works.

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Great. Please continue to go to Find Hubs, while we are working on a fix to correct "Connect to Hub". @Brandon thanks for the tip on using Find Hubs.


I'm on android app version 1.6.0 and my L2TP VPN still works fine for me.

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Great thread, had to make sure I have the home icon when connecting with VPN.


I am having the same issue, I have to click find my hub once I have connected via VPN (L2tp). Otherwise it prompts for the Remote Access subscription.