Remote Admin Service failing to Connect

On the '' page, all 4 of my 'active use' hubs are visible. However, hub #4 (C7) is located 200 miles away and access via the built-in 'Remote Admin' service is failing...

When I click on the 'Go to Remote Admin' button (, the result is an error screen:

The only visibility I have to this Hub #4 is through the '' page via the 'Hub Details' pop-up screen AND device status on the remote LAN via my Ubiquiti UDMP console.

|---> Info from 'Hub Details' screen:

  1. Platform version
  2. Last Checkin 06/08/2023 - 02:18:41
  3. Active?: No

|---> Info from UDMP console:

  1. Hub #4 was connected to the LAN at the correct fixed IP address early yesterday (06/10/23) when I first attempted Remote Access
  2. Hub #4 responded as expected when the UDMP console was remotely restarted last night; disconnect/connect
  3. Hub #4 is currently connected to the LAN at the correct fixed IP address (06/11/23)
  4. No System Log entries exist for 06/08/23 (and 2 days either way)
  5. Hub #4 is connected to power using typical power adapter; no POE
  6. All UDMP cameras are active, available and working normally so service provider should be fine


  1. I noticed a couple of recent posts related to this or similar problem, maybe I'm out of the loop


  1. Older platform version is playing a role here? Old has never been a problem on my hubs.
  2. Because the device has been reliable for 2+ years and is now powered on and it successfully connects to the network, perhaps this is a software issue?
  3. Is there a problem with the Remote Admin Service?

^^ this is the problem. The hub isn't connected to the cloud.


No, it doesn't

Not a software issue. The hub may be connected to the network but can't reach the cloud (internet outage?).

No, but when in doubt, head to and click on Subscriptions. The page has a service status on the upper right side.

Thanks for your response Bobby.

My network config hasn't changed and there's no internet outage because my cameras stream with no problem.

Wondering if this is a memory issue where it needs to reboot to fix it. I've had that problem with one or two of my other hubs. No way to fix it until I'm on site. Thanks again for your response.

It could be connecting to the internet but not resolving DNS. Do you have a static ip on the hub or are you using a DHCP reservation. If static, you may have to update the DNS settings and reboot it for it to catch properly.

Not sure what you mean. This hub has been in constant service for over 2 years using the same static ip address and network configuration - except for whatever updates have come through.

All that being said, it probably will come back to life with a reboot.

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Just a thought...