Remote admin not working (connect to hub greyed out)

When I go to, I can no longer press the ‘Connect to hub’ button. The button itself is greyed out.

I’m certain that I have the subscription and am paying for it. It seems to have randomly disappeared recently.

This seems to be the only way I can reach support as the support email is no longer monitored.

I always start from the My Hubitat page and then remember that when you are not on the local network, Connect to Hub, will be greyed out, and you will need to use the Go to Remote Admin button in the Subscriptions box below to initiate the connection.

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I did that as well. This is what I see here.

When I click add remote admin, I it says it is already active.

For issues related to subscriptions like remote admin, you can also reach support by filling out this form:

Having said that, since the community forum is also monitored by staff, tagging @support_team.


Does your hub currently have access to the internet? Try a reboot and see if it works...

The hub can access the internet fine. It has been restarted. The issue is that it thinks I don't have the subscription but I do. @support_team

If you skipped a payment by more than 3 days, either because the payment was declined by your bank or you have suspended the service, and later restarted, the hub "thinks" you don't have a subscription, even though a new payment may have been processed more recently. The subscription should have been canceled altogether so you can re-subscribe. This is a known issue and submitting a case by visiting the above posted page will get your account sorted out so you can continue to use the service.


I did try to submit a case there as well. It said my MAC address was invalid. I copied it straight from the hub details page.

Try removing the : symbols in between the alphanumeric characters, like in the example MAC on the form.


Thanks, we've got your case and restored your service. If I may suggest, I see that you've been using the Remote Admin service for nearly 2 years; I recommend signing up for the yearly service at the end of this month, to avoid service interruptions in the future.


All sorted! Thanks!