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Here I am, once again on vacation and suddenly can’t access my hub remotely. The option to connect to remote admin isn’t available. Instead it says purchase remote admin. When I select that option it takes me to a page that states Remote Admin is already active for this hub. I notice that the next monthly charge is due in 1-2 days and that my credit card info needed to be updated. I updated the CC info and all seemed to go fine but I still can’t access Remote Admin.

It seems every time I go away on vacation and use my remote admin subscription the function suddenly stops working.

Can someone help get my Remote Admin subscription working.

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Please send me a private message with your hub id or MAC address. There is a known issue that if you missed a monthly payment or suspended the service and later resumed it, the hub doesn't reactivate the service.

Thanks for the PM. I checked your account and you had a failed monthly payment 2 months ago that went beyond our 3 days grace period, so the service on the hub side was suspended. We are extending the grace period to avoid similar incidents in the future. Your payment is scheduled to be processed today, so your service will resume shortly.

I noticed that you have been a monthly Remote Admin subscriber for a year and a half. You may want to consider changing the subscription to the yearly service. Not only you get 2 free months each year, but you may also avoid any service interruptions when you need it most, like when you are on vacation.

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