Remote Admin Feature Request - multiple hubs

I have the Remote Admin enabled. I get to my hubs using I have Hub Mesh enabled on two hubs. I need to go back and forth between the hub with the devices and the hub with the rules. I Remote Admin to the hub with a device to make a change, then need to go to the other hub to modify a rule or dashboard. If I go back to the hub selection screen, I can select the other hub and make my changes there. Selecting the browser tab with the devices, and realize that this tab is the sane hub as the rules hub. There is no way to switch back and forth between the two hubs without logging out and back in. Multiple tabs with different hubs is not possible. I have tried this with both Safari and Chrome.
Is there any way to enable this feature?

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I did just find a work-around. Open on both Safari and Chrome. Selecting different hubs on them keeps the hub on that browser. Still not ideal, but I could live with it.

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