Remote Admin Down?

Hello -- C8 user here, subscribed to Remote Access, and have never had a problem. Today it appears to be down. That includes the API which I call/use from other applications (like Tasker on Android) as well as web access to

Is anyone else having a problem?


I just checked and Remote Admin is working fine for me. Remote Dashboards are fine as well.

It sounds like your hub may have disconnected from the Hubitat cloud. Can you access the hub over your LAN? If so, try simply rebooting the hub from the Settings menu.

Are you sure that your house's ISP connection is working properly? Could just be a local outage in your area?

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Thanks -- I'll have to check that out. I appreciate the help.

If you look towards the bottom of this page:

You can see the Remote Admin serviceโ€™s up/down status.

Sorry for the late response - I was out of town.

Everything is working again after simply rebooting the Hubitat hub. In looking at the logs, I can't seem to find any hint as to why everything just stopped working. My automations weren't working either, so it was more than just the Remote Access part. Maybe I don't know how to use/view/search the log files, but it seems odd that is just crapped out in the middle of the night with no trace of why.