Remote Admin at Check out only show 1 hub, I have 3 registered

Remote Admin at Check out only shows 1 hub, I have 3 registered hubs, 2 are at a 2nd location. So does remote admin let me connect to all 3 registered hubs or just the one shown?

I believe you have to purchase Remote Admin for each hub. They can be grouped together but that does not affect the price.

No, one hub enables all other hubs registered with the same account. Hub Protect has an individual hub license. Remote Admin has an account license.

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All 3 as long as they are registered with same admin account.

You may need to reboot all hubs to activate the service before attempting to use Remote Admin service for the first time.

Good to know; I have been creating a new account for each hub I have.

I see, so the Check out page is just lacking the other 2 at different location even though they all 3 show up when I click on registered hubs and sign in under same account.

By the way, finding the "Registered Hubs" page is not easy. Would be cool if the settings page had a "My Account" tab.

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The main page does. You can always go back to main page by clicking on the Hubitat logo in the upper left corner:

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