Remote Admin and iOS app not accessing hub, but still receiving notifications

C8 hub - platform 2.3.8.?
iOS app - 1.3.2 build 163

As of yesterday, I am unable to access my hub from either Remote Admin or the iOS app. This is located at a vacation home, so I do not currently have local access to it. I also have two other hubs in different locations that are responding fine.

The odd thing to me, is that it's still sending me notifications that I have set up in Rule Maker, and I can see that it's still controlling some WiFi bulbs from their native app.

Besides the notifications and WiFi bulbs, I can also see all my security cameras, so I know it's not an internet issue.

It sounds like you may have an issue with your Remote Admin license for that particular hus. If you could send me a private message along with your hub id, I can check your hub to make sure the issue is not on our side.