Remote access

I recently upgraded to C-8 hub in my house, bought a new C-7 so I could use old iris devices in my barn after running Cat6 cable to it, and gave my old C-5 to my son. I am managing the C-5 for my son while he is away. Everything was very good at first but now the C-5 is offline with the blue light on and remote admin is not working for my barn. Remote admin had worked well at first. I have rebooted and nothing is fixed. I cannot find a trouble shooting guide for how to begin. Right now I'm wishing I had not changed anything. How to is begin to figure this out. The hub in the barn is working locally and wifi also works there. The ethernet and wifi are working where the C-5 is.

Can you get to port 8081?

I tried that but could only get part way through the diagnosis. I couldn't find this post at first and entered a new one with more details. Thank you for replying.

What do you mean only part way through?

Told me I had wrong MAC but I triple checked and re-entered. More info below

I bought a new C-7 hub so I could extend my range to my barn 250 ft away from my C-8 which replaced an old C-5. I chose a C-7 so I could use my old Iris V1 devices and also take advantage of the range of new Z-wave. Initially I had a problem with the C-7 connecting in the barn. The blue LED would not change to green. I contacted support but after days I noticed the light had turned green. I was able to add devices, set up dashboards, and connect to the hub by my.hubitat, the App as well as directly by the IP. Then a progressive loss of functionality/connectivity occurred. First remote access was lost. The app still worked locally but then could not download the update. Diagnosis via 8081 told me the MAC I entered was incorrect. Triple checks and new entries produced the same message. Then the app gave the message that it could not connect and gave me a link to support. The link gave instructions for a factory restore but it stopped working at 65%. I read posts about blue light blues but nothing I found helped. I brought the C-7 to the house from the barn and connected it next to the C-8. The blue LED turned green, it seemed to function normally, but its return to the barn indicated all was not well. The app and my.hubitat on my PC could not connect locally or via remote access but they worked fine with my C-8 in the house and also my old C-5 a mile away at a family members house via remote access. So the problem did not seem to be my internet. When I typed the C-7 IP number in my PC address bar in the barn, it connected immediately to the C-7 and the menus I tried worked. But the local access in the Hubitat app (Connect To) would not work. I have contacted Hubitat Support but have found they are not quick to assist. I don't know if the hub has hardware problems or if there are some settings that need changed or something else. Help would be greatly appreciated.

You were getting the mac off the back of the unit right? And you used the : between each number?