Remote access

As far as I know we do not need to pay for remote access but I can not access my hub from out of lan. I created a dashboard. When I am in lan, I can access to dashboard from tools/connect to hub/dashbords. When I am out of lan tools/connecto hub directs me to the remote admin advertisement. The dashboard icon at the bottom of the main page does not work at all no matter I am in or out of lan. When I click it, if I am in lan, hubitat symbol spins and nothing happens, if I am out of lan, it directs me to a error page (pic). I dont know where I am making a mistake.

The remote admin subscription service is for hub administration tasks (i.e. everything you can do once you’ve “connected to hub” in the mobile app).

Remote access to dashboards does not cost anything, but does need to be configured correctly to work as intended.

When creating the dashboards, did you enable cloud access?

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If you are talking about this, I think I did

Yup that looks right.

You have both the allow local and cloud switches flipped to “on.”

Have you tried logging out and back into the mobile app?


Just did and it worked. Thank you


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