Remote access useless

I've been paying for remote access for many months. I've used it in the past, but I remember having been frustrated each time. It's really not easy to find out where to click to get more than just a dashboard. I need to access the log. I've done it in the past. Now, for some reason, it seems to be impossible.

I click on 'Manage users, view subscriptions, and connect to hubs remotely.' and I do see the remote hub. BUT the 'connect to hub' button is grayed out. If I click on "add remote admin" for that hub, I'm told that "Remote Admin is active on this account". That's it. I already know that. What I want is to connect to the hub, but it's not possible.

Why am I offered to "connect to hubs remotely", and am presented a page where no remote connection is possible?

This user interface is in dire need of a serious revamping.

You are then presented with the same screen you would see at home

I use it at work all the time from my PC. Works great for me


As with most home automation devices, designing a user interface that makes everyone happy is tough. But as @tgrant48 notes, remote admin is readily available if you have subscribed to it. And I just used it to check the log of a HE unit at my wife's shop, a couple of miles away from our home (and connected via DSL in our rural area). It works. Give it another try.

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Before jumping to conclusions that things are not working the way they should, let's at least work through your issue and understand what is / is not happening. If things are not working as they should, then fair enough, make comment, but let's not open with statements indicating that things are not working as they should before investigating the issue.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I see above a screen shot showing Registered Hubs with a "Go to remote admin" button. I have that screen and all I have is these useless buttons.

If I click 'Add remote admin', I'm told that the hub already has remote admin activated.

On my tablet, I have the same screen laid out differently. The connect to hub button is not grayed out, but when it is clicked, it tries to access a local IP address, which, of course, doesn't work as the hub is at a remote location.

I maintain my criticism of the user interface, however unpleasant it may be. A "connect to hub" button should just connect to the hub, and if not explain why. The existence of some obscure sub-menu somewhere that could eventually lead to a successful connection (which would cause some to exclaim "you see! it works!") would not be a redeeming feature.

What browser are you using when you have issues?