Remote access to Hubitat like SmartThings?

Howdy all...

I've just setup my Hubitat Evolution and moved a couple of my switches to the new hub away from my existing SmartThings hub. I've been a long time SmartThings user but just getting frustrated at the mobile app and the unreliability of the apps on the platform, so I'm giving Hubitat a try. So far I've added four switched and played around with the rules engine to create a couple of "virtual 3-way" switches. It seems to work pretty well.

However, one important thing for me is to be able to send commands to my devices when I'm not at home. For example, if I accidentally leave my garage door open, I'd like to be able to close it. If I'm understanding correctly, there isn't an easy way to do this, am I right?

I've got some level of experience so I'm not opposed at all to using a more complex method (sending HTTP commands to endpoints, using IFTTT and or Tasker), but I'm just wondering if there is a way to send remote commands or if you HAVE to pay for the remote access in order to do this.

You are wrong. Just put it on a WAN dashboard. Remote Dashboard access and control does not require Remote Admin.

And welcome to the community. There is a link to the Dashboard documentation at the top of the community forum pages.

Here is a direct link:®_Dashboard


As @672southmain points out, you do not need the remote access subscription to access dashboards remotely.

The remote access subscription provides access to the entire HE UI, so you can make programmatic changes, add and remove apps, change settings, reboot the hub, etc. However, you can also do this with any number of VPN clients, so you don't even need to pay for HE's RA product - though it is for many of us a lot more convenient and well worth the small price.

There is an android and iPhone app for Hubitat that provides access to the devices by Room as well as access to the dahsboards you create within Hubitat. It is quite functional, reliable, and unlike the other platform, allows you to define the functions you want access to on more complex devices (via the dashboard).

Only displays switches and lights currently...

if you are in the apple phone ecosystem, you can sync it all with HomeKit/HomeBridge -- its stunning

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There are also various 3rd party solutions.

I couldn't live without sharptools.

Welcome. I'm also ex-sT, like many others here. Hubitat is ace.


@djh_wolf Quick q -- been circling around Sharptools since ST days .. with Hubitat though, what differences are you finding with it versus the built-in dashboards?

With ST I had gone with ActionTiles (which also integrates with Hubitat), but I find the Hubitat dashboards do what I need -- minus a little lipstick (animated tiles) that ActionTiles had that I can live without

Hi. In a nutshell, I wanted something i could use without the learning curve. Don't get me wrong, there are some great looking dashboards using hubitats dash. But that's after people have done a stack of work with css etc.

I'm not a Web designer. I cba with that.

My opinion is that the standard dash (and many of the 'look at my dashboard' posts) look like something off a commodore 64, usually with a billion buttons and/or info. Hate it.

The negative is that sharptools needs an Internet connection. And a fee. But it's ace. I can do all sorts with it.

Personal preference.

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Smartly. Local, great, free. Works on WAN dashboards, too.

@672southmain This ... looks like it adds some nice polish for normal humans versus painful CSS :wink:

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