Remote Access to Devices not wanted

A recent HE updated changed the visibility of all devices when using the Android App. Previously I could control what Dashboard had internet access and that was all. Now full access was granted to my devices without prompting me to do so. How can I change it back so only select dashboards have remote access?

Can you share some screen shots of where you're seeing this?

Here is a screen shot taken on my cell phone that shows all my devices which I do not want anyone to have access to outside my house. Only select dashboards are to be accessed via the internet.

The devices tab on mobile app is intended to work both local and remote. This function is separate from the dashboards.

Dashboards can work only with the link, that's why we can restrict them, but the devices tab on the mobile app only works within the mobile app, so nobody without your credentials can use them.

Before a recent update the devices tab on the mobile app was not available. I would like to have the current version at least have the option to turn it off.

Thanks for your feedback. While we evaluate your request, one work around is to create a miscellaneous room and add a non-critical device to that room. That way only that device will appear on the Devices tab.

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