Remote access stopped working?

It seems remote access to my hub is not working, is the service down? It's been like this for a few days so I guess it's probably just for me or else people would have shouted?

I've got an active subscription, although it asks me to 'add' this from the hub page, and it I do it says I already have an active subscription. And if I check my subscriptions page it does say I have a subscription that's current.

Anyway I can kick this back into life? It's causing me problems and costing me money as I usually tweak my heating etc while away!

Looks like it’s up:

@support_team ??

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If the payment was declined for more than five times, or you've placed the service on hold for an extended period of time, then restarted it, it's possible that there is a discrepancy between the hub's active service and the active subscription.

There is work underway to fix both of these issues, however, to resolve the problem now, you'll need our help. If you didn't do so already, please create a subscription case by visiting the following page:

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Thanks everyone, did as you suggested and all up and running again.