Remote Access Method

I recently switched my internet from DSL to Cellular. Ran into an issue I wasn't aware of.

Apparently Cellular issues a private IP to the modem. then there is a public IP that the internet sees. So there doesn't seem to be a way to access my VPN server. And thus have no access to my HUB if I need it when out. Doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.

I know it's possible to set things up for remote access as I have cameras that do so. So requesting HE to maybe consider this.

A significant aspect of this hub is that it's local (apart from dashboards and various Cloud integrations all of which are optional). They should keep it this way in my opinion. There are many options for remote access into your system from outside the LAN. Teamviewer is a good one that I can personally recommend (and it's free for non-commercial use).

I agree with the local for operation. but when I'm on the road for a couple weeks for business and the wife says something has conked out, I need to fix it asap. Team viewer is ok if you have a computer on all the time at the house. When I'm on the road my computer is with me.

I always used VPN before, which allows remote access. And I know it's possible to allow remote access to the Hub. After all they allow remote access to the dashboards.


Your cameras and Hubitat open an outgoing communication to a cloud server which allows that server a channel back in to respond which lets you live view your cameras and interact with your dashboard (Hubitat doesn't have authentication around that channel so it's restricted to the dashboard). To replicate that method you would need to find a hosted VPN service where there is a agent on your network that keeps the connection open for their service to have a tunnel back in that would then allow you to tunnel to their service and direct you back inside your network but I'm not aware of a service like that (I've never had to research it so it's possible there is something) however be careful to understand the true scope of hosted VPNs as there are a number of them called VPN but they mainly just make tracing your browsing activity more difficult rather than creating a secure tunnel like your looking for.

My point was, HE can open a channel to the configuration if they want. In fact a year or so ago they said they knew how to do it but chose not to. I’m just asking that to be re-considered.

An rPi is 35 bucks.

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You can do this now. Activate Maker API and you can send the hub devices you choose whatever settings you like. And you can listen to the eventsocket in return. But I don't think you are asking for that. You want access to the hub to do troubleshooting and fix issues (eg. access to the web UI for the hub and to Rule Machine I suspect). For that you will need a VPN connection or something like Teamviewer.

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I think his point is he knows there are ways to do it but doesn’t want to jump through such hoops and would prefer a built in solution. Personally agree. I’ve had the same scenario, I’m away on business (sometimes at locations that will not let me connect to a vpn) and something goes wrong at home. Nothing I can do.

And another thing to support and maintain and keep up to date... not everyone has the time, expertise, or desire to do so.


HomeSeer has had a paid option for this exact type of thing for years. You can log into a web page and it gives you access to your system. It also had an option to allow HS techs to look at your system if something wasn't working right. Was very handy to have.

No setup, no always on pc or rpi required.

Maybe Hubitat could look into this, would be a new revenue stream.


Well part and parcel to DIY. Otherwise pay someone else.

Sorry but I disagree. Most of HEs competitors allow me to do this without an rpi and without paying someone else. It is the way it is today, but it is NOT the way it has to be.

I’d pay for that.

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So you will pay for a service from one party but not to another? Huh?

HomeSeer is the only competitor... not really completely different system and playing field. That provides a remote access service that provides remote admin control of the home automation system. It's not a VPN it's a tunnel to the HS system and only to HS functions. Nobody else in the cheap/free area offers this out of the box without some configuration effort, setup from the end user. What others offer is the same as what HE is providing and that's google/alexa integration which is not VPN or admin access to the whole system.

The other competitor systems are rPi based so it's easier to do on those....

Oops almost forgot Vera does offer a remote management of the system and is more inline as a "competitor" with HE as it's another hub system not a server based system.

Myself I wouldn't want a hub to be hosting a VPN solution for my whole network. Single point of management like Vera or HS... ehh ok it has it's uses but full network access... no thanks I'll manage that myself.

I would have done too before biting the bullet and realising how easy it is to set up an rPi and Teamviewer. But agree for some people it would be useful and possibly worth a small monthly fee.

That’s surprising to you? Yes. I would pay for a first party solution but not third party. That’s not a weird answer. I also don’t think I’m alone in that thinking.

SmartThings allowed me to manage everything remotely. They’re pretty much HE’s #1 competitor and the market leader right now. Pretty sure Wink did too though I never owned Wink.

The beauty of choice... you’d still be able to do it your way and others could do it this way. Everyone wins!

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I simply want to post a contrary message because NOT having remote access is considered a GREAT thing by me. Yes, I do have to invest the extra effort to create a VPN solution. And it's that effort that convinces me I've done the most to protect my home. The same solution allows me access to my similarly protected IP cameras as well as a dozen other 'services' within my home.

This Thread comes up periodically and with each I find myself shaking my head and muttering "no, no, no. Please, no" :smiley:


I'm in complete agreement with this. I want to control the ingress to my network.


But I don’t understand this argument. No one will force you to turn it on just like no one forces you to have cloud access at all. Why can’t those who do want it have it, in your opinion?

Everything about ST is remote..... it's cloud based! :slight_smile:

I'm not sure anyone was talking about paying a 3rd party for remote access.... I was saying paying a 3rd party to install, setup, manage your VPN since you said you didn't know/want/have time to do that. However a good 3rd party method you can use and it's a good service is WebHook Relay and their tunnel agent works with Node-RED :slight_smile: so you can create a tunnel and then manage your HE through that and if you already are running NR... well... :slight_smile: