Remote Access failing (travelling this week)- "too many redirects" while trying to connect

New Hubitat user and traveling this week.
Just completed migration of all devices from ST and setup my automations.
Subscribed to remote access (verified & rebooted) so I can monitor my mode automations, etc while away.

When I try to access my C8-Pro using remote access, the session times out with a too many redirects error. Tried multiple browsers, mobile app, direct link. VPN, same issue.

I see communications between my C8-Pro and and can share a packet capture.

Assume others don’t have same problem, any help would be appreciated.

I’ve just tested it and am able to connect to my hubs from a location away from home.

If I had this issue, I would check to ensure that the hub was not being blocked from accessing the internet. Maybe a firewall rule?

Thanks, have communication’s betwn hub and internet, page starts to load and then times out. Have p-cap file from both sides of firewall.
Redirects usually come from the host side, AWS server.