"Remember my login" option for Hub Log security

I turned on Hub login security but really did that to prevent my phones from being accessed without the username and password. Is there any way on my home computer to have a checkbox like other login sites have that offer the option to "remember on this computer" so when I go onto my home computer I don't have to keep logging in. Much appreciated

What browser are you using? The best one to use is chrome and that remembers you details as long as your signed in. On the 1st time you login you should get a pop up to say do you want me to remember the password for this site.

I believe there is a way to get to that if you have missed it.

I use Chrome as my browser. Just tried logging in. The screen only offers Forgot password or Forgot username as options nothing to remember login

You seem to be referring to an option many websites offer to save a login session with a browser cookie. AFAIK you can’t do that with Hubitat.

But @BorrisTheCat is referring to the feature in Chrome that saves website passwords for you, so that the password can be filled in automatically each time you browse to the site’s login page. That would accomplish roughly the same goal: logging in without manually entering your login info each time.

Ohhhhh, now i understand what @BorrisTheCat was trying to explain. Yes that is an option, but truthfully never trusted Chromes password saver, but thank you both for explaining the option.

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I use Lastpass to save my passwords. I don’t have login security setup on my hub, but if I did, I would use Lastpass to save the password.

Other password managers like 1password are good for this too.


:point_up_2: same here


I recently started using Bitwarden. It too like Lastpass has a free and paid option but unlike Lastpass, is open source. I guess i should use its option to autofill. Guess I've been so parnoid with safety that I've avoided using it. Thanks again for other options.

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