Relocating your C8

If you've bought a C8 and migrated Zwave, feel free to move it anywhere with in reason at your own risk that is. I was able to relocate mine pretty much anywhere I wanted. I moved mine to my server room in the basement. This Zwave radio was bulletproof, It's like it didn't even move. Just don't even think about hitting the Zwave network repair button. Just repair devices if you must. I made the mistake of doing so and things got all wacky. All I did though was move it back to the orginal spot and things worked right away even after I messed up and did a repair. I guess I have a good zigbee mesh finally :crazy_face:

Oh I can't believe im going to ask this but does anyone know of a Zwave outdoor motion sensor that can compete with the Hue outdoor motion sensor? man Zigbee is so important :frowning:


I have a zooz 4-on-1 on the porch that works fine but the porch is covered so doesn't get wet from rain or snow. Been working fine for a couple of years now. (Pair older ones with a z-wave stick with no security) . It's simply velcroed to one of the columns

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