Reliable Zigbee or Zwave Smart Edison Bulb with full color and temp control

I'm probably looking for a unicorn here especially after a quick googling has come up with nothing. But does anyone know of any company that has attempted to make one of these? A full color and temp tunable Edison style smart bulb that'll work with Hubitat, preferrably with Zigbee or Zwave...or even Thread/Matter. I have a bunch of bulbs outside my house that I wish I could control and tune with automations. Would be pretty cool if I can set my Halloween decor this year with some spooky lights colors. If it was non-Edison style I'd have plenty of options, but the whole neighborhood uses Edison style so it won't match the neighborhood look and I'm pretty sure the no-fun police (aka HOA) would probably have a say in it.

I know Hue has an Edison style smart bulb, but it's a single color. I don't think I've ever seen an Edison style RGBW-that is NOT WiFi.
Zigbee or Z-wave edison style RGBW I could not locate

It's Wi-Fi, as mentioned above but WiZ is natively compatible with Hubitat and has a few Edison options, including at least one that does full color. If you aren't set on Zigbee (or Z-Wave, but there have never been many of those), it should work.

Whether it will be just different enough to anger an HOA somehow, still, I don't know. :slight_smile:

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