Reliable Zigbee bulbs recommendation , UK Based

Hi all, ive been using all Osram smart+ bulbs with my hubitat and for the most part work fine but every now and then 1 or 2 of them drop off the network which is a pain as their repairing process is a bit of a pita.

I have a fair few mains powered repeaters but still get the issue. I want to replace them with something more reliable , I need E27'S and GU10 spots.

Can anyone recommend me any zigbee bulbs which work reliably with hubitat , Im uk based.

Many thanks

The reason they aren't reliable is because they're zigbee ZLL. ZLL make really bad repeaters and messengers. Most of us that have shitty ZLL bulbs have a separate hub to isolate them from our zigbee ZHA devices (either another hubitat or a hue bridge). The exception to this are Sengled bulbs as they don't repeat or Zigbee 3.0 bulbs). I will say without disclosing anything that I encourage you to wait for the next platform update to come out of beta. (not the . updates to 229 but the next full version) I think you will be pleasantly surprised and rethink some things..

Why did you have to say that.
Now you've said that I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :grinning:


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Hmmm interesting,

I was about to pull the trigger on Hue bulbs (No hub) hoping they would be more reliable.

Ill hold off for now then, Thanks

Hue bulbs are bad with other zigbee devices. Those are ZLL as well. :slight_smile: Hold off my friend... A cool thing is coming


Should I throw in the push notifications from the hub bridge? Being worked on atm.... Built-in is always good, but it better be good... (from someone with a house already full of Hue lights and accessories....)


I use cocohue and haven't seen any real issues (to be honest though I only have a few table lamps and some led strips so I don't have huge needs regarding that) Though when all is said and done, I will be removing my hue and cree bulbs...:stuck_out_tongue:

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Thinking more the advanced integration, which has incorporated the push notifications, so any changes via the Hue bridge will also be reflected almost immediately on HE, though still in it's early stages...

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I'm wishing I waited now!
I picked up a cheap Hue bridge a couple of months back. There's a couple of Hue bulbs on it (also found cheap on FleaBay) but Ikea's Tradfri (cheaper) bulbs work great on it too. Everything's been seamless with CoCoHue.

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I've always liked the redundancy of having an additional hub for things like hue, Bond for my blinds, my SensorPush hub for my temp/humidity sensors, etc. Having one hub that has to always be up and running does have some disadvantages as well. It can still be the primary option, but still having the purpose built option is also a positive in my book.

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Just coming back to this. I see the updates out with support for LIFX out the box.

Looking around i see in the UK i can pick them up pretty cheap.

Sorry for asking stupid questions. Ive never really looked at lifx before but i see they are wifi bulbs.

Being wifi bulbs do they connect directly to the Hub using their IP's or are they through your router? So say i unplug my router would they still work?


They are controlled 100% locally by hubitat. In fact in the Lifx app you can turn off all cloud access (turn it back on for firmware updates then turn it off again) Once they're attached to the network and controlled by hubitat you can unplug your internet connection and they will work just fine :slight_smile: