Reliable Text to speach


I wanted to ask everyones opinion on what device to use with hubitat for reliable speach announcements. Google chromecasts just dont seem to be reliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and I seem to be spending too much time diagnosing why. Chromecast helper along with it just doesn't help. Since updating to 2.2.8 chromecast reliability has gotten worse.

So, what devices is everyone using for voice announcements without having to break the bank?


I like Echo Speaks app. I have a couple Echo Dot, and they work fine for this.


Sonos is good for TTS as well. But certainly not a cheap option.

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I use a couple of the Ikea Sonos speakers. Tried using Echos, but getting then reliably connected was an issue for me. I gave up and splurged.

But TTS on Sonos disrupts the currently playing Sonos playlist as a 'con'...

Sonos all the way!

for echo speaks, do I need to install a separate server?

Only if you want it completely local if I understand correctly. And I assume you mean something physical like a Raspberry PI when you say "server".

I bet 99% of the users just use the cloud stuff, me included. There IS a server to set up, but it is a virtual/cloud one, and the instructions are very clear on how to perform this step in the setup. It is essentially cut and paste one code number, and hitting Done to set it up.

I tried the local server for the API key from Amazon and it was hit and miss if the setup would use it. I tried on both Pi's and Synolgoy. Finally gave up and went to the cloud setup and it's been 100%. Also if your internet is down none of the Amazon Echo TTS would work anyway so why implement the local Node.JS server outside of feeling more secure?

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As @bcopeland stated - Sonos all the way!

Few days ago I picked up 2 Sonos IKEA Symfonisk speakers.
All local control, no clouds (except for the initial setup).
Very nice and clean sound.
Native HE integration.
Multiple TTS agents and languages (I am using Russian).
In short - everything is just plusses.

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okay.. you guys are a real bad influence on me. You convinced me. I splurged and picked up one of the ikea speakers.

This is probably the start of another wallet emptying experience.. :grinning:


The Echo Speaks cloud app seems to work well. I do not like having to sign up for an account on the server that run the app. I also do not like the high processing activity required by Hubitat to run the cloud integration, but it does work. If you already have Echo devices, you can trigger announcements on any or all of them. If you do not have an Echo device, the Echo Dot 4th Gen is $50 list and can often be found on sale. Previous Gen devices are even less.

Just wanted to thank everyone. Picked up the ikea speaker and other than a discovery issue with the ikea speaker that Dr. google fixed for me, it has worked perfectly.

And I have a new toy :smiley:


You picked up ONE.

I ended up with FOUR. Maybe a fifth on the way. smh....

Emptied the wallet--and filled up the credit card! lol

I had a similar experience until I created these two rules. For some reason the “uriQ” on each speaker would get backed up and I would have to reinitialize the device. Now I rarely have issues with my google mini’s TTS announcements (and I have a lot)

Maybe it will help your situation too.

First step is to admit you have a problem. Second step is to say screw it and spend more money. :grinning:


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