Reliable supplier of batteries (3.6 V 1/2 AA)

Trying to get some replacement batteries for my Aeotec Door Window Sensor Pro (ER14250), and I just get DOA batteries from Amazon. Anyone have a good source for these (and other batteries) that are reliable?

I've always had good luck with Battery Junction (online) myself. I've had mixed luck with Amazon, especially third-party sellers.


I've had good luck with Mouser Electronics. I've had trouble with Amazon as well.

Yes I’ve been experiencing the same. Didn’t realise when I bought 20 of these things how much of a pain getting 1/2 AAs would be. None of the main battery manufactures make these. why the hell would aeotec choose this type of battery over the much more common CR2 or CR123 I don’t know. Madness

So I just through away a load of DOA EEMB from Amazon. And bought a few Saft and so far they seem better.

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Never thought of using Mouser (or Digi-Key?). Thanks.

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Agree - why not CR123? Jeez….

Answering myself. I’ll bet it is to get a battery that has a greater temperature range, which these do (I believe).

What do you mean? The operating temperature range of the battery? Loads of devices use CR2 or CR123s

All I'd say to further add to the non sensical choice from aeotec on this is the aeotec gen 7 door/window sensor use the obscure 1/2 AA. But the gen 7 recessed door sensor (which spends its time buried in an unvented hole) and I assume is built on exactly the same platform uses a CR2... grrr

I've actually stopped buying these sensors now as it pi$$ed me off so badly. I'm using the horribly chunky Neo Coolcam gen 7 sensors now. They are half the price, have a built in temp probe and use a single CR123A battery. Hope someone in Aeotec is listening here as I usually love their gear

Here is some info on the wide temp range of these batteries.

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