Reliable Presence

I'm looking for any suggestions on a reliable way to trigger automations using iphone presence. I can't seem to get one that works very rock solid for me yet.

Many threads on this. Best option is to use two or more presence devices using the combined presence app. Search for combined presence, Geofency, or life 360. You will find many threads discussing this topic.


This is what I have setup and I've been happy with it:


I moved over to Locative and it works great.

On your hub, create a virtual presence device and install the Maker API app. Give Maker API permissions to your virtual presence device. In Maker API, get the Cloud Get Device Info URL of the device. Open Settings on phone -> privacy -> location -> Locative -> Allow Always & Enable Precise Location. Open Locative on your phone, add a new location. Set the webhook on arrival to the cloud URL (insert the string arrived/ between the [Device ID]/ and ?access_token. then set the webhook on departing similarly with departed/.

Then hook whatever you want to your virtual presence device. excellent functionality and reliability.


Another happy locative user. And I agree with @terminal3. There are a zillion threads on this already.



Thank you I have this up and running and it has ben rock solid thus far.

Just curious....and a newbie to Hubitat.

Why wouldn't it be just as good to have something like Geofency and Locative and simply match each as an OR in the trigger of a rule.

The only thing I really do with Geofencing are trigger a few arrival and departure events.

Nothing, if it works for you.

Geofency has been pretty rock solid. It has glitched a couple of times and missed events. With my other device backups, presence was not missed however. Alexa presence has stopped working for several weeks in the past. I know of two times it stopped until the app was updated. I just want to make sure my presence is always correct and the more presence devices I use, I feel like the less likely it will.

What if in the future, you start using presence as a condition. Something like:

Some sensor event


IF xyz is Present
THEN do something
ELSE do something else

Thanks! I guess what I must be missing is with each one of them are not individual devices created. IE - Things you could match differently in a rule anyway. I do see the convivence factor of lumping them together with an app.

Actually, one thing I really don't understand yet is how load and apps impact the hub/response. How apps impacts that, if there are less processing intensive ways to do things, etc...

In Homeseer, I have over well 100 physical devices...that works out to well over a thousand when you count child devices and close to 400 rules.