Reliability of ethernet port

Loading web interface on my HE unit is very sluggish and inconsistent. I finally tracked down the issue that is related to combination of HE and gigabit ethernet switch in the setup. There is no issue with the switch with other devices on all ports, all ping tests have zero packet loss. However, when connecting to HE, there is 17% packet loss! When HE connects to a different gigabit ethernet switch, there was no packet loss either.

Anyone else saw similar issue? Or my unit is defective?


Sounds like a doggy port on your switch then?

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What kind of switch do you have? There have been some issues reported with Netgear: Slow web interface

I have 2 hubs with the web interface open 24/7 on a hub with mainly zwave and zigbee devices always responds instantly when selecting that page and choosing a different ui page (devices, apps, dashboards, etc).....the other hub that has cloud/wifi/lan and most apps on usually takes a minimum of 10-15 seconds to refresh or open the selected new page.

For example, If I have it open to the Dashboard page overnight and the pc goes into sleep mode, upon waking the pc up in day mode the Dashboard still registers "night" mode until a refresh which takes about 10-15 seconds to perform.

Both of these I'm referencing is after the computer has been left idle for period of time.

I don't think so. All ports had been tested with a computer, and didn't see any issue.

The switch had a problem is On networks 8 ports gigabit switch DSG008.
The switch didn't have any problem is TPLInk 5 port gigabit switch TL-SG105

Do both hubs physically connect to the same switch? If not, you might saw similar problem as I did. You may temporarily swap two hubs, my bet the problem will follow the connection instead of the hubs.

I saw the similar problem. the refresh takes 8-20 seconds, occasionally, 2-3 seconds.

Is this a managed switch? As in: can you set the port speed? If so, try setting the port speed to 100M half duplex.

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Both switches are unmanaged ones.

They are both LAN connected to the same wifi router

Directly connected via Ethernet cables? Or some switches/repeater in between?

Ethernet cables

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Any cable length difference?


Are you able to just swap hubs, nothing else? And check any behavior difference ?

It doesn't make any difference swapping

When you swapped them, did you swap the cable at hubs sides or router sides

The hub sides

Can you try at router side?

Same issue here. I only have one Hubitat and one router. My router is an Asus ROG GT-AX11000 I will look and see if I can adjust the settings on my ethernet ports on the router.