[Released] Rule 4.0


@bravenel, I was able to get it to work with using a POST message instead of a GET message. I was worried about trying to format the JSON data, it always confuses me, but there was documentation on IFTTT on the format that they wanted. Thanks so much for your help!!

If anyone finds this post in the future and is curious, the format for the JSON data for IFTTT webhooks is:

Substitute each %VALUE#% with a global variable or a direct value. Copy the whole thing along with the braces (curly brackets). You can only pass 3 values per webcall.



Could you please show me how to create a new button rule with Rule 4? I cant seem to figure out how to create a rule with multiple button triggers in the same rule (like Button Controller). I assume it's possible, given post 1, but when I select "if (conditions) then", there is no option for me to select buttons as the trigger, and none of the button triggers carry forward into the conditions. This means, only 1 of the 4 buttons on each physical button device can be used in that rule.

For example, what I'd like :
Button TV Room, button 1 push THEN do something
Button TV Room, button 2 push THEN do something else
Button TV Room, button 3 push THEN do something else again
Button TV Room, button 4 push etc
Button TV Room, button 2 held etc.

Or do we need to have a rule for every button on every physical device for every in type (press, held, released etc). That makes for a lot of rules.

Cancel that, for anyone else wondering why they couldnt find it...... I just installed button controller and a new option opened up in Rule 4 called Button device. (or at least I'd never noticed it before)



Getting some errors with BC in Rule 4. It's a hue dimmer, with the following rule and errors

No other buttons are defined, and no other buttons were physically pressed.

ALso, I cant seem to find a way to delete unused conditions in BC for Rule 4.


I'm investigating this. I can see there is a problem with the Wait for Variable.... Problem found and fixed. Will be in next release.


Is anyone else having issues with null values appearing as options, and being force-selected as part of rules?


Whoa, that's not good. Could you possibly post the app status page, Application State, for the parent app called Groups and Scenes?


"Alexa, play its a whole new world"


The problem causing the null entries in the list of scenes has been found and fixed. The fix will be in the next release. Turns out that Scene itself was the culprit behind this, but the fix will clean up the small mess it created.


Awesome, thanks!


@bravenel , in RM 3.0 I had :
Now in RM 4.0 :
And I'm always get Error with this :
Are they same or difference ? Please explain futher . Thanks.


No, this is not true.


The concept of "rule truth" is gone in Rule 4.0. What is the error you are getting?

Other trigger means that another rule's trigger event fires.


So, how would you evaluate a True False rule using "triggered"? You can't evaluate a RM3,0 or earlier classic True/False rule using a triggered methodology.


I had this rule ran good in Rule 3.0 . But I don't know how to convert in RM 4.0 :


Please help. Thanks .


There is no evaluate a rule in 4.0.


Then why convert it? Old rules will continue to work forever. There is no need at all to convert 3.0 rules, or 2.5 rules.


@bravenel, because I make a new rule in RM 4.0 with another device. Never mind, now I can do that in RM4.0 .
Only one last problem :
If contact A, B, C ... are open, contact D, E, F ... are closed then use varaiable %device% notify : " contact A,B,C are open " , not notify the last one is open !
Thanks for RM 4.0 .


Well if rm 3 becomes end of life. How do we make things in the future if it’s not available??


Any Rule 3.0 rules you have will still work, and can still be edited and cloned. You could make a mother clone for each rule type (Rule, Trigger, Triggered Rule, Action, Schedule), and then you'd have the 'genetic' material to make future 3.0 rules through cloning.


Hi everyone,

Trying to figure out what I think should be a simple rule.. I came up with this, gonna start testing now... I assume it will be adjusted.

Just looking for when the door unlocks to lock 5 minutes later. If the door opens, reset the 5 minute timer then lock the door.

thanks in advance for any help