[RELEASE] Zigbee Map app

Those Aeotec SS7s are ZW, not ZB.

My map look similar (lots of yellow, fair amount of red), but things work great overall, so I've just learned to not be bothered by it.

Oops, yep, meant to put

, 4 of these

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I think you may have to live with that as those plugs are mains powered so you can't stop them from repeating.
I limited myself to only mains powered ZB repeaters; everything else is battery for the sensors.
That eliminates all the poor performance repeating devices.
Tuya 3.0 repeaters are killer in strength. I have a couple of red lines but that's because these repeaters refuse to give up and those nodes are 30 meters apart; one in a different building.


When the map is dense I find it takes a moment to see the difference between yellow and green links.


May I suggest making the green link color more vibrant?


(Man, my map sucks compared to everyone else's... So many poor links.)


Release version 2.1.0 with the following small changes:


  • Change "poor" link quality color from yellow to violet - @Horseflesh
  • Change "good" link quality LQI interval from [150 - 200) to [130 - 200)


  • Scrollbars on tab contents appear only when necessary

Have fun!


You make a valid point, green and yellow look the same but mean very different link quality values. I swapped yellow for violet.

So now blue is so-and-so link quality. The more it shifts towards red, the worse it gets. The more it shifts towards green, the better.

I don't want to mess with colors as I use the Solarized Color Theme and those colors were selected by people that are smarter than me :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!

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Thanks for another great update!

  • Will it be possible to add another tab (or with devices tab) to show all devices and their respective link quality (displayed low to high or high to low)?
    This will assist in easily identifying devices with poor link quality, thanks.

Not sure how to compute the link quality value for a specific device. The LQI values we get (0-255) represent the link quality between 2 devices and each device usually has more than 1 link.

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Thats a great idea .. maybe @dandanache Could add this next time !