[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers

I should probably add a "dry" status event to the initialization routine of the device driver so it starts off with that. I just assumed people would normally test their unit out as soon as they got it paired.


That would have been my assumption too. :smiley:

Finally got it to connect. thanks for the hints

That did it, for some reason I didn't think to try that. Thank you very much!

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I just didn't think it through. :slight_smile: I'm new to Hubitat (I switched from Wink) so I am certainly not an expert but maybe an initialize or setup state when first added or a note in the post to test the sensor after adding it to ensure correct operation?

Great job on the driver, thank you for it!

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Just informing, I'm testing my hubitat enviroment (moving from mi home), and I noticed error related with "sensors" (Aquara Door/Window and Aquara temperature / humidity / pressure sensors) when I have to re-add previosuly added sensor:

dev:692019-05-25 19:15:37.480 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getAt() on null object on line 71 (parse)
sys:12019-05-25 19:15:37.196 infoFound Previously Joined Zigbee Device Window Test #1
sys:12019-05-25 19:15:33.751 infoFound Previously Joined Zigbee Device Window Test #1
sys:12019-05-25 19:15:17.482 infoZigbee Discovery Running

similar error gives driver for temperature sensors:
dev:842019-05-25 20:16:26.014 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null on line 75 (parse)
sys:12019-05-25 20:16:25.783 infoFound Previously Joined Zigbee Device Maciek Temp/Humi
sys:12019-05-25 20:16:16.687 infoZigbee Discovery Running

btw: Aquara sensors (temp/humi and window/door) seems to loose connection with hub, when Zigbee channel is changed, at least in my setup/enviroment.

Welcome "Wink Refugee"
Yes, the "water dunk" was like step 5 when pairing the xiaomi sensor to Smartthings, so I knew to do it with Hubitat. All my xiaomi sensors are way more stable on hubitat than ST ever was.
You'll find the Aqara sensors quite quirky, but worth the hassle to save 20-30 per device !



Is anyone having problems with update frequency on the temp/humidity sensors? I have 2 TH sensors and one Temp humidity and pressure sensor. When running on smartthings they would update very quickly. Since moving to Hubitat I have found that temperature updates within a second or so, but the humidity probe updates only every couple of hours. I use the humidity to switch on/off extractor fans so I need the same (almost) instant response to humidity that I saw on smartthings. I used to be able to breath into the sensor and see the humidity rise into the 80-90% within 2 seconds and then back down to normal levels around 10s later.

Mine are working. I use them for bathroom extractor fans as well.
Are you using the correct driver?
Maybe factory reset them by holding in the button for 10s and then re-pairing them.
They will pick up their original details so you do not have to redo any of your rules.

Hi, I have tried resetting them but no improvement.

What drivers are you using?

Version 0.8.2
Of the Temp/humidity sensor.

Running the same version. I have a spare new sensor so I will try that tomorrow

I don't know if this is appropriate but GearBest has the Original Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor - White 217027701 on sale for $11.99 USD each. I Ordered a few, seems like a good price. If not appropriate please remove the post.


It's fine I've seen it/done it without any complaints.
I have 2 of those, they report motion & lux and work very well, and the price-dam! Keth's driver works great. There's even a hack to make it reset to detect motion every 5 seconds

Yup - I bought some Aqara temperature/humidity sensors (WSDCGQ11LM) earlier today for $9.99, and some Aqara smart motion (vibration) sensors (DJT11LM) for $10.99.

Just make sure you have Aqara-compatible zigbee repeaters -- the Tradfri outlets work well for this.

Do you happen to know if the Cree connected bulbs are Aqara compatible ZigBee repeaters? I have several of those throughout the house.


This thread has great information on getting Xiaomi Aqara zigbee devices to work with HE. It includes information about zigbee repeaters that work, and more importantly, ones that don't work with Aqara devices.

Edit - at $9.99, the Tradfri outlets were the cheapest xiaomi-compatible repeaters that I could find.

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So I replaced one of the sensors with a new one and humidity is now working fine.

Strange that all 3 sensors stopped reliably updating humidity and all on the same day!

This is a usefull tool to know what is working as a repeater and what isn't.

goto: http://yourHubIP/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo (yourHubIp = IP address of your hub)

You will then be able to see what is acting as a repeater in your setup.

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If only that were true. It worked a few times for me initially but hasn't worked since.