[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers



The log looks like it is working.

But your right, the event log only shows the press 1. I had press 0 working previously, perhaps I broke it.

I will look into it.


Update the code, I had to use sendEvent in the ReleaseButton function.


Not that I’m aware of. Since there is zero developer documentation for Hubitat, my lowest common denominator guess (because I hate to assume) is that things work the same as in SmartThings, until we find out otherwise. And ST doesn’t have an atmospheric pressure capability. To know for sure, we have to ask the Habitat folks.

Despite all this, I’d also have to guess that, just as can be done with ST, enterprising individuals can write Apps which look for custom events for triggers or conditions that aren’t supported through a capability.


The only thing I could find was Sound Pressure


They do actually, as do we: capability “Pressure Measurement”


Aha. Would it be possible to publish a list of capabilities supported somewhere? I think that’d take some of the guesswork out of independent developers’ work.


Currently we support all the ones ST has implemented with the same commands and parameters ect, we attempt to document notable exceptions (button for one).


So this: SmartThings - Develop is the same as Hubitat save for buttons? Pressure Measurement is missing from that list. @mike.maxwell


Interesting, yes we should have all the capabilities in that list, and you’re correct Pressure Measurement is missing, I swear it used to exist, I had a driver over their that used it.
I also checked our code, we don’t have it either…, oh well.


One of my two Temp/Humidity sensor dropped offline two days ago. Both were working fine for a couple of weeks then the one decided to take a vacation. Doing the reconnect got him to rejoin the family again but then he dropped out again. Going to delete and repair to see if that will help.


how far away are your Temp/Humidity sensors from the hub?
I was having similar problems with my 3 Temp/Humidity sensors but I moved my hub to the main floor basically in the middle between all 3 and it has been much better (knock on wood).
I think there is a bit of a limited range with all the Xiaomi sensors.


Both sensors are sitting next to each other and they are one floor directly below the HUB.


Not sure if this is an issue with this device driver or @krlaframboise Other Hub pusher and ST DTH code. But the Xiaomi temp sensors show up as Motion sensors in ST. Thought I would post here first.


This happened to me too, and as I understand it the virtual devices can be assigned the wrong device type due to the order of installation of the Smart App and Device Handlers. As explained here, the Device Handlers would need to be installed before the Smart App.

Anyhow, I can confirm that the device driver for the Xiaomi Temp/Humidity sensors “advertise” support for the capabilities Temperature Measurement and Relative Humidity Measurement.

My fix was to manually assign the correct Other Hub device handler in SmartThings.


Interesting cause i swear I installed the device handlers first. K guess manual fix it is.


I noticed there isn’t a specific ST DTH for temp sensors in Other Hub. This is probably why.


The primary tile of the Other Hub Motion Sensor DTH is motion, but it also has tiles for Humidity, Temperature, and Illuminance.


Ya it’s just weird looking in ST mobile app at a temp/humidity sensor showing as a motion sensor and motion always shown as detected when the device doesn’t even report motion.

Since Temp/Humidity sensors are common on their own it would be nice to have a virtual DTH for them specifically showing Temp as the main tile.

If you don’t have time I can look into producing one tonight or tomorrow.

Sorry derailed the topic here I’ll continue this in the Other Hub 2 Thread.

@mike.maxwell @veeceeoh So is this driver supposed to report Pressure like the equivalent DTH in ST?


Currently it just reports pressure in the log output. From my Hubitat hub logs:

As far as I know there isn’t a device capability for atmospheric pressure / barometric pressure, so it won’t show up in the list of capabilities that can be used in Rule Machine or other Apps.

What would you like to use the atmospheric pressure reports for?


Nothing right now or ever was just curious because it was reporting in the ST tile so just reporting if it was a miss. Wondering if it could be used with smartvents in the future but I’m not sold yet with smart vents …