I'm trying to use the xbox smartglass driver from :

However, the rest api produces an "internal server error" when I try to connect (I have logged in and there is authentication, I can list devices and see their status)

So I tried to open an issue on the rest api Github repo. However I saw it was deprecated.
There is a web api instead of it now.

Can we migrate this to web api ?
@mik3 ?

He said he stopped using Hubitat a year or two ago.

oh great :frowning:

any other working solutions for xbox control (power on/off) ?

I mean, ours just goes into sleep mode. I've never really considered automating that or our ps5. TV on the otherhand gets shutdown via hubitat when we shutdown the house at night

I’m also curious about the intended use case(s) for an integration between Hubitat and an Xbox or other game console.

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well, we have 2 Xbox at home. One is mine and the other one is used by my son.
Sometimes we come home and want to start a multiplayer game.
It is nice to have the consoles turn on while we are parking the car. I start mine through the official Xbox Alexa skill.
Unfortunately, the skill does not support multiple consoles. So for my son's console , I would use the hubitat integration.

Maybe it is just a button press, but sometimes it is good to have them started remotely.

Another use case is when we are away from home and want to download a game. Start the console and connect through phone app to start download.
Same for any remote play scenarios.