[RELEASE] wx-ApiXU-driver



Ive been using your lux only driver since you released it. Its working great for my use cases. Ive been in contact with support over a corrupt data base that took down my zigbee network this past Sunday. Bobby went through my hub and noticed errors coming from my envisalink integration as well as the lux driver. Just wanted to let you know of the errors. Thx

ApiXU weather api did not return data: hubitat.scheduling.AsyncResponse@a1acf0

groovy.json.JsonException: Lexing failed on line: 1, column: 181, while reading 'S', no possible valid JSON value or punctuation could be recognized. on line 238 (apixuHandler)


Yeah...I am getting these now too. They just started today. Did anyone have any idea how to fix this? Although it does seem to have resolved itself for me about an hour ago. Maybe APIXU was down.


That error is disappointing, but accurate. Code checks that the site says "OK" (code 200) and then tries to parse the JSON. As is clear: "hubitat.scheduling.AsyncResponse@a1acf0" isn't json. Perhaps ApiXU did their own code upgrade and is returning defective data?

I've been getting wx-ApiXU-driver ready for a 1.4.0 release and I'm getting correct data.

I looked at my production hub and yes, I see the errors too.
First occurred at 11:30pm (yesterday) here... was intermittent til 9:32am when it pretty much became useless... then cleared up about 42 minutes ago. I've had 9 good returns in that period.


i'm seeing those same errors. It started at 9:20 AM PDT, and cleared up at 2:10 PM PDT. It's been fine since then.

Prior to that, I've been getting the error:
ApiXU weather api did not return data: hubitat.scheduling.AsyncResponse
Intermittently for the last couple of days.


Just checked my logs again and all seems well now too. Must of been something going on with the api like you and Ryan said.