[RELEASE] wx-ApiXU-driver



Hi, trying to install the ApiXU in Apps Code but are getting a fault, any solution?


That's the driver code. :wink:


Click Driver Code and put Driver code in there.

When it's time to install an App, click Apps Code and install Apps code there. :slight_smile:

--- Editorializing and opinioning now follow: :slight_smile:

It's a bit of a mystery why we NOW have two places to add code. One strictly for Apps and one for Drivers YET, each can tell that you're adding to the wrong place. I understand how it started that way: SmartThings influence.

Time for some Hubitat superiority, just like with Iris v1. :slight_smile:

(not holding my breath though.)


Very true. That would be a nice enhancement. I’d also be surprised if that is NOT already on the roadmap.


I would still want them to be in there own section/directory though to save any confusion.


yes, that's a "display" issue.. in my head, I see adding code the same way a vending machine adds coins.. they go in one slot and land in the correct denomination tube. :smiley:


-- == wu-ApiXU-Driver Release v1.4.5 == -- <— click here :slight_smile:

-- == Luxuriant-Driver Release v1.5.6 == -- <— click here

Added local_Sunrise and local_Sunset Attributes to Luxuriant for use on Dashboard, since they are being acquired and stored. Minor, minor update to wx-ApiXU-Driver.


I see apixu got acquired, and they are changing the api and api plans

Looks like free edition changes from 10000 requests/month to 1000 per month...


Apixu api is changing

Looks like apixu will be useless soon as 1000/month means nothing... So far Dark Sky (1000/day) could be my only choice for free ...


I just sent the following email to weatherstack:

Good morning,

Congrats on your acquisition of APIXU. There is a large home automation group users from different systems; Hubitat, OpenHAB, SmartThings, Hass.IO, using the original APIXU for weather based automations. The previous API had a 10,000/mo free plan. The new weatherstack free plan has drastically reduced to 1000/mo and there are no affordable options for the hobbyist to use your service that would be financially viable. $19.99/mo is too expensive to gather weather information to calculate illuminance, and weather forecasting. In the interest of using great technologies is there anything your organization can do to assist the home automation community in being able to use your services similar with the same features and capabilities as the APIXU free service?

Apixu api is changing

Welcome to the Cloud, right? :frowning:


You obviously know waaaaay more about this subject than I do, but how viable is it to take the APIXU driver you built and port it to use Price - OpenWeatherMap ? I’m assuming 1) it’s a lot of work 2) it doesn’t offer nearly as many features as APIXU. But, I’m just an end user that can barely comment out code, so what do I know? :slight_smile:


OpenWeatherMap is a built in Hubitat driver. It's got far fewer attributes, nothing in the forecast area, for example, but you can just swap drivers to experiment.


You can use OpenWeather and add Luxuriant to get calculated illumination.


Thank you - I'll play around with it. What I'm looking to get is:

  • Illumination
  • Is it currently raining (I have a rule that turns on a dehumidifier if it's raining)

I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get a weather station though... that's got a big cost associated with it.

Again - thank you for all you do for the community. I'm sure you're not feeling great about this change after all the work you put into this driver :frowning:


Yeah they basically screwed non-commercial users. I mean even if there was an option for like $1-2 a month for non-commercial users that gave us 10000 request/month it would be reasonable. But I shouldn't have to pay what amounts to the same cost as a Netflix subscription for just weather data.


I'm looking at Darksky this minute and it's response is OK, but not as comprehensive as ApiXU was. I've always doubted that many people used the obscure elements ApiXU offered, which is why I added on all that Selection code. :slight_smile:

However, it's a cloud service too and that means it's at risk for going the same way.

Darksky won't be hard to code up, and we have until October, but there will be major differences because of what they supply (for almost free.)


If anyone needs a tester for a DarkSky driver, please let me know! I've got an Ambient Weather WS-1401-IP for my Weather station and I use Weewx. I would be happy with a separate driver for DarkSky if that's available.


Good point.. I didn't search to see if one already existed :frowning:


Well they offer 1000 request/day for free, that should work so this may be a good alternative. I would be happy with general forecast and lux data.


Acquiring the data from DarkSky is working for me, but everything is spelled differently, of course.

There's 7 days of forecast. But instead of 60+ attributes from ApiXU, there's 22.

There's a couple of fundamental problems that make 'swap the driver' not much better than swapping to OpenWeatherMap. APIXU would 'lookup' postal codes (zip codes) to Latitude/longitude. DarkSky doesn't. Therefore, at least for the past hour or two, I've been using Latitude/longitude manually. There are DB that can be used or created, but that means yet another Cloud visit.

I've got my machete out to cut back to 22 Attributes and my Jumbo marker to change the names. :smiley: