[RELEASE] Welcome Home


it's not an issue if you use 12h! :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

I'll dig around and see what the options are but I'll have to learn how to do that, could be a couple of days with the weekend coming up.

Wish me luck!


Message Central has 12/24hr clock options.


No worries.
This app is having the same issue that we had with 24hr clock in RM.
You fixed it a couple of releases ago.
Could you offer some pointers on this.


Not sure what issue you mean. Time inputs should work for both time formats. If they don't please provide detailed description of what fails with screenshot.

The platform now fully supports 12/24 hour times, for both input and display. The setting is available to an app as:


with values of 12 or 24 being returned.


The issue I was referring to was if my hub was set to 24hr clock, I could fill in a time between field but it wouldn't save. It was fixed by your good self a few releases ago.
@bptworld does Bruce's answer help?
All Greek to me!! :smile:


I just changed my settings to 24h and everything looks great. The only thing to note is that if using 24 hour method, everything needs two digits. ie. 6:00am is 06:00.


My OCD is kicking in! I think you meant 11/30/18, I'll try not to look at it in changelog, lol.


New Version:

  • V1.0.4 - 11/30/18 - Found a bad bug and fixed it :wink:


Thank you, all better now! LOL


That wasn't the bug... but I did notice that too! lol


Could it have more that 10 phases? Could it also have leaving announcements and the facility of more than one person arriving at the same time?


Shouldn't that be 30/11/18? :wink:


Absolutely not. I'm in the USA. Month/Day/Year. :grin:


I'll bump up the number of phrase to 20. Wanted to make sure everything was working before going crazy with them.

As for leaving announcements... that's beyond the scope of this app. The whole point of this app is creating the delay so the person that is coming home has time to get inside before the announcement is made. For random announcements that don't need this delay, there are other options like Message Central and Rule Machine.

For more than one person, it already does this. Right now it'll speak an entire message for each person that you have setup a child rule. I'm working on a more elegant way so it only says one message but multiple friendly names.


Complete stupidity this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: obviously it goes from small to big, day month year :smirk:


This was mine and @bangali original piston that we used on ST. Then he moved it to his Rooms manager app. It might be useful to you for the more than one person arriving, as well as try randomly speaking messages and single/ plural words that would need to be in the string for more than one person. Obviously ignore the light bit.


Another quick update... Important one :grin:

V1.0.5 - 12/01/18 - Added 10 more random message presets! Fixed (hopefully) an issue with announcements not happening under certain conditions. THE PARENT AND ALL CHILD APPS MUST BE OPENED AND SAVED AGAIN FOR THIS TO WORK.

Note: The "How many random message presets to choose from (from parent app)*" doesn't work yet. Forgot to hide that! lol


I think I may have run into an issue. Prior to V1.0.5, it worked fine for me. Now I can't get it to go at all. I've deleted the app, removed the code, reinstalled the parent/child code, etc. Here are the logs:

Something seems to be registering, but I don't get any messages.


Not sure what I did there but I have a new version ready.

Version update:

V1.0.6 - 12/04/18 - Code rewrite so we don't have to fill in all 20 presets. Must state in child app how many presets to use.


It's working now!! Thank you!