[RELEASE] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver



[UPDATED] V2.1.5 01/12/2019

myTile redesign: added icons, Chance of Rain, Precipitation, Barometer.
Download new icons from my repository to your iconStore: All icons that start with 'wi-' and end in '.png'
(GitHub - Scottma61/WeatherIcons: WeatherIcons for Hubitat Drivers)



How do you get this to work in a dashboard? Thanks


Select your device; Pick a Template of 'attribute'; type myTile.


Thanks Matt...

Is that something you had to create or is it a feature of dashboards?


The 'myTile' is an attribute that is defined in the driver. I believe my 'myTile' may be unique, but I started from a myTile I originally saw in @arnb's driver and I have enhanced it. Adding any attribute to the dashboard is a built in function of the dashboards.


I made several minor adjustments/corrections throughout the day, but nothing big enough to create a new version number (yeah, I'm am a spare-time coder). If you pulled the driver code before 7:00 PM EST Sunday night, I suggest you refresh it again now.


Thanks Matt. Nice work..