[RELEASE] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver



Already done and installed the weeWX android app on my phone


If you install the phone app you will need to follow this first.....


See my weeWX in action Nettleton District Weather Station, Spokane, Washington

It's served via reverse proxy to the outside world.


Very nice. Will turn to you for help when Iā€™m ready to go full Weewx setup


I'm tweaking it as we chat... It's got lots of settings that can be used. I just read that 1 install of weeWX can handle more then 1 device for data. I'll have to figure out to work that out for web data.


It also supports MQTT for instant updates without having to reload pages. I am going to work on that in the next few days.


Have you seen the download link for Linux? WD doesn't work on a Rpi 3B+ for now. I've asked Brian to see if he can get it to work. The main page has Ubuntu download. 2nd Link below has other.

Main download page: Weather Display - Downloads

Other Linux: Weather Display - Downloads

This is the latest supported Rpi:

Pi3 Revb vers 1.2

using: cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model


All I have are RPi 3B+ here but I never saw the linux downloads before either. Guess I simply overlooked it.


CumulusMX also works just fine on the Rpi 3B+


I saw that.... I kinda like the simplicity of weeWX


Would be good if it would work with Netatmo personal weather Station API


Umm I do believe there is a Netatmo connect


Will check it out.
I don't believe it uses everything.

There is a weather Station and it's modules. And there is health monitor that teams Indoor quality


Correct... the only modules netatmo connect uses is the indoor base, extra indoor, wind and rain. Anything else is ignored.


Thanks for checking.... My hub is on transit still (customs nightmare) so haven't started migration. Just planning it.
As ST has both and work quite well I need to see how to migrate the coach even though I can't code.,. How hard can it be?! :joy::rofl::joy:

It's a pity that Netatmo create 2 devices that do exactly the same, the online API is basically the same, but run on different cloud infrastructure. Thank God you can use same API key. So will try to see if I can add everything to the same driver...


Getting this thread back to its original topic ....

[UPDATED] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver to V2.1.0 - 12/30/2018

  • Tweaked myTile attribute.
  • Removed "isStateChange:true" from sendEvents

Interested to see what may happen, if anything, after tomorrow on the WU API pull????


[UPDATED] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver to V2.1.1 - 12/31/2018

  • Added Apparent Temp and Wind Gust to myTile attribute.


[UPDATED] V2.1.2 01/04/2019


  • You will need your DarkSky.net API key (free for 1,000 calls per day)
  • Must use Latitude,Longitude for your location.
  • DarkSky does not provide rainTomorrow (measurement) or rainDayAfterTomorrow (measurement) so those are both reported as probability of precipitation (%)
  • If you select 'Standard' icons it will use the equivalent default WU icon set.
  • Driver is set to pull in US (imperial) units, but will convert to the driver selected units for forecast values.


[UPDATED] V2.1.3 01/05/2019

Code cleanup and corrections. No functional changes.


[UPDATED] V2.1.4 01/06/2019

  • Bug fix for Dark Sky condition_code/text/icon values.
  • Added alerts (WU and Dark Sky) to myTile attribute.