[RELEASE] Weather-Display With DarkSky.net Forecast Driver


Many 'behind the scene' changes and some noticeable changes inspired by @nh.schottfam. (at least I think it is @nh.schottfam? The changes came from 'imnotbob' through Github. There is no user 'imnotbot' in this community, but my not-so-good stalking led me to believe that 'imnotbob' and @nh.schottfam may be the same user?)

  • Optimized the update lux routine so it would check at least every five minutes to see if a daytime/nighttime schedule change was needed (without polling) even if long polling intervals were selected.
  • Re-ordered the Preferences to make it a bit more intuitive (I hope).
  • Corrected that some of the 'Grouped' optional attributes were not showing as available in dashboards and rules.
  • Created three 'Dash' groups for attributes that are required by some dashboard weather tiles (see details below). If your dashboards are not showing/updating information from this driver you think it should be, check these and turn on for the dashboard in question. You should only turn on what you need to minimize database utilization.
  • Changed the Dark Sky optional attribution to show both the light text and the dark text logos, if selected. You still need to select which of those you want to use in 'myTile' and 'weatherSummary' even if you do not have the Dark Sky attribute selected.
  • Optimized some coding to reduce the file size.

(please provide feedback if you believe any of this is not right and I will correct ASAP)



  • Added optional attribute 'wind_cardinal' (One to three letter abbreviation, e.g. 'N' or 'NNE')
  • Removed the DarkSky attribution logo/link at the end of the 'weatherSummary'. The html embedded in that was preventing 'weatherSummary' from being spoken (TTS) and caused issues when being used for Notifications.
  • More code clean-up, optimizations, and bug fixing.

Just switched to this driver and am getting

A setting error ?


?? The error line number is cut off so I can't tell.

This is the Weather-Display driver ..... you do have Weather-Display software generating a clientraw.txt file from your Personal Weather Station .... right? And you have entered the location of that file into the preferences?

I may have misundertood this driver, isn't this an alternative to apixu for the switch to weatherstack ? I did get a new API key.

Close .... but, no. I have another driver that does NOT require a PWS with Weather-Display software as this one does that you probably want. It is here:

Thank you very much

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  • Corrected an issue with myTile when there is a weather alert.


  • Prevent 'myTile' and 'weatherSummary' from exceeding 1,024 characters so they will always show in dashboards.

On 'myTile'
Will show default 'with icons' and 'with html formatting', if possible. If not:
--> Will show 'myTile' with icons removed but with html formatting, if possible. If not:
----> Will show 'myTile' with no icons and no html formatting, if possible. If not:
-------> Will show 'myTile' with no icons, no html formating and text truncated to 1,024 characters.

On 'weatherSummary'
--> Will show 'weatherSummary' text truncated to 1,024 characters.


  • Enhanced 'myTile' handling of greater than 1,024 characters:
    -> Will show default 'with all icons' and 'with html formatting', if possible. If not:
    --> Will show 'myTile' with as many icons as fill fit with html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ----> Will show 'myTile' with all icons removed but with html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ------> Will show 'myTile' with no icons and no html formatting, if possible. If not:
    ---------> Will show 'myTile' with no icons, no html formatting and text truncated to 1,024 characters.


I just tried the upgrade and the myTile dashboard tile does not display properly. It appears to be forcing all icons to be a on a row by themselves and left justified. (sorry, I didn't take a screen-shot). I reverted back to all is good with that version.

@jabecker found a fix for 'myTile' in a dashboard with Upgrade

In the dashboard options, under Advanced --> CSS, add the following:

img {
  display: inline;
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  • updated coding so 'myTile' shows correctly without adding Advanced --> CCS as described above. (@jabecker Thanks for the clues on how to fix this!)

I am not certain that my latest code changes 'fixed' the myTile dashboard issue. The good news is that @jabecker 's fix (a few posts up) does work. I say this because I went to a different PC and called up the dashboard with the new code and the spacing was still wierd (Icons on therir own line). I put on @jabecker's fix and it immediately corrected. I deleted the fix and the dashboard stayed fixed .... so that indicates to me the Advanced CSS is retained in the browser cache (maybe?). I think that is why in my testing everything looked good with the Advanced CSS coding removed.

I will keep looking for a better fix on my end.


  • I believe I do have the myTile dashboard fixed now (I hope :crossed_fingers:). I cleared the browser's cache and it looks good WITHOUT the Advanced CSS fix described above. I even went to a different PC that has never displayed the dashboard and called it up and it looks good there.

Let me know if you have any issues.

@Matthew -

I have been using your new WD With DarkSky driver since you released it a few weeks back. It seems to be working well and it's reliably pulling in my station data. I've been keeping up with the various updates you've rolled out (I'm currently using v4.2.7).

I don't know how long this has been going on but noticed today an issue with the driver. I'm currently seeing this in my Hubitat logs (see screenshot). It's some kind of issue related to the ultraviolet index. Note that I am NOT using a UV value from Weather-Display, and have that option turned off accordingly. Can you advise on this issue?

Thank you. Fixed in the next release in a few minutes.....

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Many thanks to @nh.schottfam for most of the changes below

  • Adds capability 'refresh' (that some apps need).
  • Bug fixes and corrections.
  • Compiler optimizations.
  • Fixed so 'wind' can be published on its own (vs. having to be done with many settings) (still works with group settings).
  • Added a Preference option for 'lux smoothing/jitter control.' This basically rounds the lux calculation to reduce the variability (code/recommendation from @nh.schottfam) . This is optional and must be selected to enable it.

The lux smoothing/jitter control works as follows:
If lux estimation is greater than 1,100 --> round to the nearest '800'
else If lux estimation is greater than 400 --> round to the nearest '400'
else set lux = 5
@nh.schottfam 's code it is the estimateLux routine in the driver if you want to see the details.

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Thank you! V4.2.8 seems to have fixed the UV related errors I was seeing in the logs.

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Looks good! The only nit picky thing I noticed was that the sunrise/sunset, last updated, and "powered by Dark Sky" link are all on the last line. I think they used to be separate. Can't swear to it, though. As I said... very nit picky.