[RELEASE] WAKE ON LAN - wake/boot up your computers via the hub

I think that you may have a bug in this program:


I would like to start by saying THANK YOU!!!! Love this!
I have been using it for a while now.
I have it configured through my Amazon Alexa bridge. My problem is that whenever I ask Alexa to turn it on.. it tries.. then ALWAYS says "the device is not responding" even if it does in fact turn it on. I think that is becuase your driver does not return an On/Off status. Which it could.. with a simple ping. Especially after turning it on. Also that would be nice because if I put a button on the dashboard of my remote the button would be able to show the status of the computer.

Hubitat does not get the signal.
I think it is because my PC is via lan connected to the router A which is connected to the internet.
Hubitat is connected via lan to the router B which is setup as repeater.
Any idea what needs to happen that hubitat can control my PC?

Hubitat isn't receiving a signal. It is sending a packet to your PC. You will need to configure your network so that the hub can send a packet to the PC.

Any idea how to do this?

this is the error message

I checked the repeater he is seeing the PC

That message is saying that either you code

  1. doesn’t have a method off()
    0r that
  2. the off() method requires a parameter

TBH not sure if I installed the right app


That is the one I use. If it helps, this is how I have it configured:

Can you start the pc via the hubitat app via pressing button ON or Wake?

I can wake it from sleep by hitting On or Wake on the Study PC device page, or by issuing a custom command wake as the action in a rule. It isn't going to power on the PC from off unless your PC supports that on a wake on LAN.

Here's what I have in the BIOS of the PC, and configured in Windows

Works like a charm. Many thanks for your hard work on setting this up.