[RELEASE] VLC Noise Device

I needed a TTS solution that doesn't required "cloud", as I don't use Apple, Google or Amazon devices (or anything "cloud" for that matter), I looked at VLC Thing that was ported from SmartThings and it wasn't right for me, so I wrote my own "VLC Noise" driver.

Here is what "VLC Noise" can offer you:

  • No polling
  • Alarm (siren and strobe, strobe is a dummy and nothing happens when you try to use it)
  • TTS (Speak in Rule Machine)
  • Play audio file from URL (play | stop)

Here is how I use it:

I have a whole house audio system (HTD Lync 12) that has a overwrite RCA input on the amplifier, I run VLC as a service on a Linux that runs on Rock Pi 4B+ and headphone out is connected to HTD amp overwrite RCA.

Whenever I need to send an notification, for example washing machine is done (my wife love that one), I use speak and it play a nice notification over our in-ceiling speakers.

When alarm is triggered (Hubitat Safety Monitor), I use VLC Noise siren to make some noise.

VLC Noise Driver: https://git.syfocloud.com/hubitat/hubitat-vlc-noise/-/raw/main/hubitat-vlc-noise-device.groovy