[RELEASE] - Virtual Inverse-able Switch

Sharing with the community - to solve a need I had for a virtual switch that displayed ON when actually off , and Off when On.

Why? everyone described multiple methods for reversed switch - Global Variables, connectors and switches to switches. This came about because I had some Apps that had the option to be controlled with an On Off switch but - I hated that when the switch was ON, the app was off and viceversa. This virtual switch can be used to reflect the true on/off state of apps.
As I am posting this, I don't believe the package Manager has yet to pick it up - I wanted a URL link in my package Manifest so I posted this prior to the driver actually being shown in HPM.


Update - anyone using my inverse-able switch - I recently noted a coding error in the version and resolved. As well, I updated the name of the driver to reflect it is autoOff and Toggle capable.
To resolve, you may need to button mash a little. I'm not certain which resolved it - either 'Match Up' or 'Update' in HPM.
To verify - you can locate the driver in your Drivers Code list and review that you have :frowning: * 2021-12-24 jshimota 0.2.1 Clean up of Name and manifest package

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