[RELEASE] Virtual Device Sync

Followup question:

What if you remove any of the virtual switches it creates?

Using my example above: On my pool controller, it has 5 endpoints, but I only use 3 of them. So switches 2 and 5 are just sitting there clutter up the place. Is it possible to just delete these out of the device list, or I imagine that will mess things up in the app?

Is there any chance I can get and un-compiled version of your Sonoff.ino.generic.bin software? I am wanting to make minor changes for my needs and I would like to learn what you did to make it work. I am new, a high school teacher and I am struggling to understand the Tasmota. I am hoping by seeing your work and the differences it will make sense to me. I can use Arduino to up load the code to my devices. Thank you for your help and understanding.

PS: You can email it to me if you don't want to post it... bradleymartin2003@yahoo.com

The firmware I created is in here (the .ino file):

The Tasmota I modified for Hubitat is here:

Thank you... Now, do you have a solution for this issue when compiling?

cannot convert 'HTTPMethod' to 'const char* for argument '1' to 'void WSContentSend_P(const char*

Hmm, not sure. Does it say what line number it is on?

Also, can you move this over to the appropriate thread?

There may be some that can answer there.

Is this app still a reasonable choice for making virtual device mirrors of existing devices?

When I use the z-wave firmware updater, my Zen27 (z-wave dimmer), loses the network, then comes back as a new device.

I'm thinking that switching all my automations and app usages (google home, etc), to use a virtual device that syncs with a real device might be the solution.

Can the virtual to real map be easily changed to a new 'real' switch?
Does my usage seem reasonable?
With the advent of the package manager app, any chance this app could be made compatible? to ease installations and updating

I've thought about this idea in the past. It would be great at a system level for Hubitat to create a virtual device and link it to a real device on the backend. It would make swapping out devices a lot easier.

As for this app, it only works with devices that have drivers written in a certain way. Its purpose was to provide access to multi-channel device endpoints before parent / child devices were a thing. I don't plan on maintaining it or modifying it as Hubitat has supported child devices for a long time.

Hi Eric I had your virtual sync, virtual energy switch & PANO4 DH set up in ST a while back and it was working beyond expectation so thank you for that. I have migrated over to HE and have every other device working perfectly but for the life of me I cannot get this to workin HE, to me it seems it is the PAN04 DH that is is the issue as it is flakey and unresponsive I remember in ST there were more settings available in particular parameter 31 (Primitive Frame ) which when set to 2 fixed the flakey switching. Also not sure of what the configure,reset and refresh tiles actually do?

Last night there was a platform update I have the C-7 version this update included a lot of fixes for z wave on the C-7 and your DH is now working properly with the PAN04.
So thank you again for sharing this driver.

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I’m a long time ST user and am migrating to HE. I have an Aeotec Smartstrip and am using your drivers and sync app on the ST. I am trying to understand how to use your HE versions but I’m confused. What driver do I use for the Smartsrtip? Also I am using your virtual energy driver for the virtual switches. I can’t seem to find a comparable driver in HE. I think I found the smartstrip driver and the sync app in this thread, but I can’t find the virtual driver. If it’s not too much trouble, can set me straight on all this? By the way, thanks for the great work on this.

I believe the drivers you are looking for is here:

Thanks for the quick response. I see the drivers but not the Virtual Device Sync app. Can I use the one for Inovelli you identified earlier in the thread?

Yeah, it is the same app just stored in a different repository.

I installed the Smartstrip and it went very clean. One thing, I can’t see how to show the energy usage. In SmartThings it displayed along with switch status. What am I missing? I need to be able to test power level in an automation routine. Thanks again for the excellent work.

The meter reports were not being received correctly in Hubitat so there was nothing I could do to get the readings. They all had blank values for the report.

I have 2 Aeon Smartstrip devices. When I run the Virtual Device Sync it creates 4 virtual switches for one Smartstrip. When I run it to create virtual switches for the second Smartstrip, it wants to create switches for the ones that already exist. How do I get it to make the virtual switches for both Smartstrips? When I ran it in SmartThings it worked as expected but not so in Hubitat.

You need to install the app twice. For each SmartStrip click on "Add User App" in the apps section.

Thank you so much, it never occurred to me to do it this way. I now have 8 virtual devices.

Hi @ericm,

I'm just moving things over from ST and found your driver for my Fibaro switch.

Your app has made all the virtual switches etc, but when turning one of them switches on/off, I see the following error in my logs and nothing happens

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toUpperCase() on null object on line 229 (virtualHandler)

Any ideas on what stupid thing I'm doing wrong. I have both the app and driver

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