[Release] UPnP Device Listing

UPnP Listing. I developed this tool to provide a quick listing of UPnP devices on my network. I use this to view the detailed information while creating apps and drivers. This app does not have any periodic background tasks when not open to the discovery page.

  1. Once run, you can use the Address in your browser to get to the Capability page.
  2. On the Capability page, the Service list includes a path to the Service Description (API for the service).
    Sample app page:

I tried installing thru HPM and got this:

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Typo. Fixed. Dave

I figured you were teasing all of us not in Beta program


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I can't seem to find this HPM, I looked under Utilities and did a keyword search for uPnp.
Still available?

Yes. I think I am having some problems with my devices not updating when you load. Suggest manually loading for now using the GitHub Link above.

Fixed. HPM now woks.

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Yep got it, Thanks :+1:

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