[RELEASE] TVHeadEnd EPG Importer

Received and setup a TV HAT for one of my raspberry pi's today, including the TVHeadEnd software. Noticed there is an API for TVHeadEnd that does many things, but one is to retrieve the EPG. So, aside from the ability to stream TV using the TV Hat, I would like to use this feature along with my Logitech Harmony to allow me to display details about the channel being watched, relying on the separate Harmony activities I have setup per channel, per TV.

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That's cool! I already have an HDHomeRun that has 2 tuners. I wonder which is more powerful; a Raspberry Pi4 with the pihat or the HDHomeRun.

Dedicated hardware with a product designed for a specific purpose always feels comforting.... I did look into the HDHomeRun but it was not available, at least for me.

For ~$70 (AUD) for the TV Hat and a new case, I am quite happy with the result. I mainly wanted to replace a PVR that I have rarely used in recent years, except for streaming Live TV to my PC occasionally in the Study.

2022-01-02: 1.0.0 - Initial Release

Initial version of a driver released today that simply stores a .json file with the current EPG details. More to come in order to make use of this, such as displaying this on a dashboard, etc. Available through HPM.

Here's something I was playing around with today..... Just in a html file at this stage, not a dashboard.

EPG Ticker

This is the article I used as my starting point for the ticker effect.

I used some details I keyed in, so still need to set this up to read in the json from TV HeadEnd, but that shouldn't be too hard.

I'll look at a few different layouts, not all with the scrolling ticker effect.


Nice project Simon - I've also got a pi3a set up with a TV hat (I can't recall why but it obviously seemed like a good idea at the time) but eventually it got put in a drawer. Having a ticker guide looks really cool and may be just the thing to dust off the project cobwebs for.

(Note for anyone attempting this project, a pi zero is completely underpowered for use with the TV hat and minimum really should be a pi 3 (cheapest option is a pi3a)).

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I've been wanting to play around with some animations through CSS for a while now. Might use this in a couple of other things, such as scrolling through notifications, maybe temperature readings, etc.

As well as the rPi requirements you point out @rocketwiz, I also chose to purchase a new case that has a cut-out for the aerial port that is introduced by adding the TV Hat.

Mine actually came with a "frosted" perspex top, rather than the completely clear version shown on the link above. I didn't mind either way.

I was able to source the TV Hat and case from a local electronics company in Newcastle (Core Electronics), which was handy. Am enquiring about getting some 3D printing done through them for a C-7 mount on Thingverse.

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