[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Smoke Detector

Hi Peter,

Your model TS0205 is very different than the TS0601 models supported in this driver, currently the code will not handle it...

Can you try some of the HE inbuilt smoke drivers? For example this one:

First, manually change the driver. Then pair the smoke detector again to HE.

Hello, I am very interested in this driver because I can't find many smoke detectors compatible with Hubitat.
How can I know by looking at the Aliexpress advertisement that the model is compatible? I don't see the model or manufacturer anywhere.
Thank you for your attention and for your work.

Sorry @rodapo there’s no way to know what exactly Tuya model/manufacturer you will receive. It’s a lottery…

I suspected it. Then I'll roll the dice... :smile: :smile:

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I justice notice that the battery level is not on the driver for ts061. Is it possible to put that back on?

  • healthStatus : online
  • powerSource : battery
  • rtt : -1157167381
  • smoke : clear

Can you post the manufacturer ID of your TS0601 smoke detector? (the Device Details data section at the bottom of the web page)

I also see a bug in the RTT (round-time-trip) attribute that I need to fix.

  • application: 48
  • manufacturer: _TZE200_m9skfctm
  • model: TS0601|

I believe that what it is.

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Thank you!

Please update to ver. 1.1.3 2023-11-19 (link).
You may need to wait for some hours or a day to see whether the battery reporting works now (I don't know how often this device reports the battery). You could also try re-inserting the battery, it may force send the battery level.

The rtt negative values bug should be fixed as well.

Hello, one question.
I have another Xiaomi Honewell smoke detector, I have noticed that the Tuya detector needs a lot more smoke to alarm, it literally has to get drunk on smoke. The Xiaomi is much more sensitive or perhaps the new Tuya comes with some type of failure. Do you notice the same?
Thanks and regards

I don't know all the ins and outs, but this could depend on the type of fire, eg, smoldering or fast, and the type of sensor, ie, photoelectric or ionization.

What type of sensor does yours use?

disclaimer: I don't have a zigbee smoke detector.

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still shows every stats except battery.

  • healthStatus : online
  • powerSource : battery
  • rtt : -1157167381
  • smoke : clear
  1. Please click on the poll button. Then press F5 to refresh the browser

This negative rtt value should be gone now, something is no right..

If you have already made steps 1, 2 and the new step 3, please enable the Debug logs, and send me the logs after 24 hours - I hope in the 24 hours period the battery level may be reported.

Well, I'm not very sure... but I think it's not infrared. The model is this


I started testing a new Smoke Detector listed in HE as: manufacturer: _TZE200_uebojraa,
model: TS0601, Driver: Tuya Zigbee Smoke Detector ver. 1.1.2 2023-08-01 kkossev.

Everything seems to work, however when I click on the "Clear" command, the smoke status goes to "clear" but the siren does not stop. I would like to be able to quickly suspend the siren for a designated amount of time. The detection/siren should resume after a suspend in order to provide protection.