[RELEASE] Tuya Smart Siren Zigbee driver

Battery life estimates are reasonably accurate if you are using alkaline batteries. If you are using lithium ion batteries, the life is difficult to predict. The voltage of the batteries stays relatively high until they reach the end of life. Then the voltage "falls off a cliff". That makes estimating battery life quite difficult.

I have one motion sensor with a CR2477 battery that continues to work for weeks with 0% battery life remaining. I just wait for it to stop working before I change the battery since they are somewhat expensive.

This is a 12V 6.5Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack so its different than a regular lithium ion battery pack. Time will tell how accurate the gauge on the pack is. I could not get a lithium ion pack to work they would automatically turn off as the current draw is very low on this repeater.

It is highly unlikely that the prediction curve for battery life will be accurate for the LiFePO4 battery. Here is a link to a discharge curve for that battery.


I don't know what the link you posted says but it looks like once a month for the charge on it. The gauge dropped from 100% to 75% then quickly hit 50% and then 25% in a single day. All in all once a month or so is great for me. YMMV ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The data you noted seems to fit with the curve. The voltage stays flat for most of the useful life. Then once the voltage starts to drop, it drops quickly.

The improvements from the last month are now pushed in version 1.1.0 via HPM

After much listening and investigating... this is what I came up with for the T/H siren sounds:

1: Doorbell 1
2: Fur Elise
3: Westminster
4: 4 Key Chime
5: William Tell
6: Mozart Piano
7: Space Alarm
8: Klaxon
9: meep meep
10: Wheep
11: Dogs
12: Alarm Siren
13: Doorbell 2
14: Old Phone
15: Police Siren
16: 4 beep 1 clang
17: 4 beep increasing volume
18: Psycho Siren


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Thank you @Ranchitat ! The new titles are now used in this driver version 1.1.1.

Mine is not responding to the new driver. It was working with the previous version.

What was the previous driver version that you used with your device? The changes between 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 are minimal, and shouldn't have any effect on the communication side... Did you try powering off/on?

Tried to add to HE but without luck so far. Used driver revision: 1.1.1.
I rebooted HE first but no luck.

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_d0yu2xgi
  • model: TS0601

Currently I don't have installed any batteries. As soon as I connect the siren with a charger the lights are flashing. That's all. Any ideas?

By the way, thanks for the good work and Happy New Year!

Hi @jb1 ,

This siren should be supported in Markus's driver - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kkossev/hubitat-Markus-Li-fork/release/drivers/expanded/zigbee-tuya-alarm-expanded.groovy

The link above is to a forked copy of Markus drivers repository, which will be later updated to support the healthStatus online/offline attribute instead of Presence.

HNY! : )

Perfect, thanks so much for the link........ :slight_smile:

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Rebooted the sirens and they are now working again. Thank you!

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The dev. branch was updated to ver. 1.2.0 :

  • bug fix: the sounds titles changes in the previous version could make the siren freeze!; @eric22
  • Import button is changed to load the development branch version
  • Added are separate Volume and Duration preferences for the Alarm and Chime capabilities @tj1
  • _TZE200_d0yu2xgi (NEO) experimental support (EDIT: now w/ temperature and humidity) @jb1

There were a lot of code changes, so this version may need some more testing - any feedback is welcome!

EDIT2 : The development for the Tuya Siren model w/ temperature and humidity are temporarily on hold, please use Markus's driver linked in the first post.


Thanks so much @kkossev . Will try it out.......

Hi @kkossev
Sorry for my late response just found time today, to try it out. Unfortunately I don't get any sound strobe or other reaction from the siren with your driver.

Switching back to Markus' driver brings back functionality.

I'm very interested in using your driver, please let me know if I can help figure out what's going wrong.


Thanks for testing!

I suppose you tried the latest development version 1.2.0 from the second link in this thread?

The best approach to start troubleshooting is to turn the debug logging on, then remove the power source for 1 minute and then power it back again. Many devices will send during the power on time information that helps.

Please include the logs in a summary section ( the cog wheel tool in the forum editor). Or send me the logs in a PM.

Thanks, @kkossev, for your help!
My bad, I really used the stable version from HPM. Installed version 1.2.0 but no success so far. Something looks still not good. I will send you a PM with the logs. Hopefully that helps any many thanks for your support!!!
It also looks like the current status in HE device is quite a mix of both drivers.


Thanks for this driver. I just used it for a couple of these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004871029764.html

Device Data from Hubitat:

  • manufacturer: _TZE204_t1blo2bj
  • model: TS0601